Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Creations

Wow! Ten years later much?


I've been so busy with work and family life, that my crafting has taken a serious backseat! Poor papergoodness!

2010 has been fabulous otherwise! New house, work is great, family is growing and for Christmas Santa brought us an amazing new computer! I've needed one for ages...totally love all 22" of it (well, the screen I mean heehee).

Time to get back into crafting (I have promised and scheduled this in for the New Year) yusss sireee:)

We are converting our internal garage into my craft oasis...RK+P will be updated, papergoodness will be pumping and blogging will be more frequent!

I can't wait! Most of my craft goodness is still boxed up...I love digging thru it all and being totally happy:)

Hope everyone has had a fabulous 2010 - I can't believe how fast it flown by!

Merry Christmas and a wondrous New Year everyone! from me to you xox.