Saturday, August 30, 2008

Owl Be Your Friend

Have some fun news to announce...soon! SOON!

Can you guess?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I *h e a r t* Sunny Days

Ooooh today is a gorgeous sunny, warm day! L O V E days like this:) Can't wait for spring! Made a fun and different kind of canvas art can too! Using felt material, black cardstock, a few basic accents (mine are paper flowers, button and embroidery floss)...I made a shadow canvas! First use a photo or image with a side profile like this one of Jorja...trim around the photo and place it over a sheet of black c/stock and trace, then cut out using sharp, pointed scissors...adhere it to a sheet of felt and trim in a oval...then adhere it to another sheet of felt and cut into a scallop shape or whatever you like...

....add some accents...and adhere to pre-painted canvas...and bam! there you have it:):) Something unique and f u n!
Great pressies for Christmas..not really that long to go!!

The canvas size is 6"x8", but really you could incorporate the idea to any size...those teeny weeny canvas' would be a supa cute size too:P

Annnd, I quickly threw this layout together...I was inspired by my friend Lou...who is so creative and artistic she makes me so so SO happy with her stuff!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet Mr.....

Mr. Owlbert!
Thanks to everyone who suggested a name:D He suited alot of the names, but Owlbert was just too cute:):) So Lianne (Gypsylcm), thanks! Annnd, this is for a few K A I S E R goodies!

tfv always!

Will post some scrapping goodness currently busy with some craft happenings:D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wanna see some Papergoodness?

Aaaaaah! All together now:):) Now this inspires me! Click on photo for mega close up! And to check out the cute illustrations on the cupcake cases! I'm now taking orders..heehee!

Annnd, I *H E A R T* paperbags!! These ones drive me crazy with happiness...paperhappiness:):) Goodness me!

tfv always.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr & Mrs Scrapjacked II

Am seriously loving the Owl names coming in:):) Keep 'em coming...I have a few that I really like already! Sooo, anywhooo, this is my layout for Scrapjacked...see who we have to jack here! She is the supa cool Marie! Lots of tape, lace and layering:):) Be sure to check it out and you still have time to enter too:):)
Come on....step outta your comfort zone!

Annnnd, aren't these adorable! Brightly coloured patty cases w/ fruit!! Imagine them filled with the yummiest cupcakes topped w/ icing.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Stitchin' & Stuffin'

Soooo, here's my chipboard owl that I covered with the some of the gorgeous fabric (from last post) I got from here! His eyeballs are a bit wibble wobble from the camera shoot LOL...but I was thinking that he needed a name! Can you help? Bestest est est name, will receive something in your tree...I mean, mailbox.

Some stitchin' & stuffin' projects...using felt material and embroidery floss and buttons:):)

Cute little felt stuffed tree, w/ a brooch on the back to wear! I heart apples and apple trees..cute!

tfv...annnnd be sure to suggest a name for my owl:)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Owl Material & Cropping

Had fun going to a crop last night...was glad to socialise and see other people getting excited over paper too:):) I met Carol aka Axel who is sooo delightful and as lovely as she is on the forum!
Hi Carol:):)
This is the challenge we did last night...was fun! We got several different things, like cardstock, scallop and plain, a bit of patterned paper and of course, being different LOL, I exchanged the Bazzill for brighter colours...which we were all allowed to do..FUN! Go check out Carol's..she did the coolest thing ever...but you'll have to see for yourself heehee!

And scored this gorgeous fabric...looks like *O W L* feathers doesn't it? Its for my chipboard owl!

Oh, and my Guest Designer entry for NZ Dares! Hope you'll all join along:):)

Ooooh, its hailing outside! Refreshing LOL:)


Friday, August 15, 2008

"Say hello to my little friend...the straw!"

This is such a funny was on the fridge at my parents house! It still cracks me up everytime I see BIL captured this photo on a family dinner outing a while ago:) Crack us up Jorjy!! She was mocking our angry facials...don't want to go into that event!! LOL:) This layout is my entry for the sassy and wickedly awesome Challenge blog Scrapmojo! that place rocks..wish I had found it earlier! We had to use a book page somewhere on the layout and include that infamous saying "Say hello to my little friend!" from the awesome Al Pacino.

Annnnd, some sweet lil' projects I have been working on:)
I *A D O R E* kraft cardstock and kraft coloured anything really:)
Sweet lil' handmade envelopes tied w/ jute string.
Hey, and don't forget to visit NZ Dares blog tonight!! New challenge up..and its fit & fun:):)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

NZ Dares:)

Hi hi hi:)

This is my entry to the NZ Dares challenge which is using a patterned background! Yippee:) As always, you can click on the photo and have a close up! LOL:)
Annnnd, yesterday I signed up to SIStv...thanks Lianne for telling me all about of course I was so excited, and had had HAD to join in!! Awesome, jaw dropping inspo there!!

As some of you papergoodness goodnesses already know, I was asked to be guest designer for a dare at NZ Dares b/c of my layout about winter! So here is a sneak peek...

Gorgeous day outside, regardless of what the weather man is to
enjoy what's left of the day.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have a C.R.A.P (Crafty, Random And Pretty) style...

......well, that's what I was lovingly told...LOL!! How about you? What is your style?
Oh so much stuff to see and buy at my LSS:) Love going much to see and touch and invision on my pages:) I am so fortunate to have a sister who loves papergoodness as much as me...infact tonight we are having a craft night at mums house...snacks and baked goods for eats too:) Mmmmm!!
This layout (feat. one of my recycled flowers) is dedicated to ya sissy...I love you!! See ya tonight:)

Annnd, aren't these lil' guys cute? They are from the Golden Arches and currently come in the Happy Meals:) They are the little mascots of the Beijing Olympics! I took this photo to be included in a dare layout...will share once it goes "live":)
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Makin' Monday

Am getting back into doing different size layouts again...oh the joy LOL!! 6"x12" is so fun for me:) I brought some same size page protectors a while back (over a year ago) and am in lurve with them again!

Love pens!! My favourite are the dual Zig writers and American Crafts!! But my *O N E* fave will always be the Sakura Glaze in black! What are your fave pens or brand?

Annnnnd, what about a HappyMail Giveaway this week...wrapped in kraft packaging and jute string...just like the good ol' olden days:) I'm nerding out over it!!
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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Recycle the Cycle

Happy weekend...did you all enjoy the Olympic Opening Ceremony last night? it was
*A W E S O M E*..those fireworks...beautiful.... and it must of been soooo exciting sitting in amongst the crowds!! I felt quite emotional and full of pride for China:)They have done so much prep for these Olympics:)


I actually made these late last night..whilst watching!! I recycled some old books:) Hence the post title...LOL:)


Annnnd, aren't these such cute lil' chocolates:) I beeee needing me some chocolate!! LOL:)

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Friday, August 8, 2008

*C O L O U R* me happy


Crafty goodness here! Have been busy making some memo notepads for my next venture, and just had to share the papergoodness with ya...super *D U P E R* fun to make and customise:) Inside each one is coloured ledger paper for jotting down ideas and notes and shopping lists (see this
Danice! LOL!) and you can tear them out too...gotta love ripping paper..and perfeccct for journalling and sticking straight onto your scrapbook page:) I've added some packaging string to the tops so you can hang it on your inspo board or a magnet on the fridge..hmmm, maybe I should add magnets on the back...there's an idea heehee:)

This is a mini me version of the big mama's and its for you sis:)
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

OneLittleWord & craft happenings

Check out this awesome & inspirational blog OLW {One Little Word}...its so stylish and fun:) The design team rock!! This is my layout for the current word, which is "BE"... my layout is about BE THERE {in your art}, which means not forgetting to include yourself in your scrapbooks and mini often we are the ones taking the shots, or making the layouts and pages and forget all about ourselves! So don't forget *Y O U R S E L F* ok?....Rejoice!!

Some craft happenings...felt pin cushions featuring these beloved and cute vintage owlie buttons! Handstitched for added cuteness and collectability LOL:)



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Friday, August 1, 2008

Green jelly!

My son loves green!! Dark & light coloured! Green apples, green blankets and pillows, green t-shirts and jumpers, green jelly, green lollies, Ninja Turtles and the everything!! Actually, I'm glad he's growing out of wearing green everything! But, most of his scrapbook pages are green coloured haha! Here's to you son-shine:) Our apple!

Annnnd, so honoured that I will be guest designer for a stint over at NZ Dares! Awesome:) Hey, happy blog anniversary to me:) I've been blogging for *O N E* month now...that's 30 posts in one month:) And here's too many more!
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