Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Creations

Wow! Ten years later much?


I've been so busy with work and family life, that my crafting has taken a serious backseat! Poor papergoodness!

2010 has been fabulous otherwise! New house, work is great, family is growing and for Christmas Santa brought us an amazing new computer! I've needed one for ages...totally love all 22" of it (well, the screen I mean heehee).

Time to get back into crafting (I have promised and scheduled this in for the New Year) yusss sireee:)

We are converting our internal garage into my craft oasis...RK+P will be updated, papergoodness will be pumping and blogging will be more frequent!

I can't wait! Most of my craft goodness is still boxed up...I love digging thru it all and being totally happy:)

Hope everyone has had a fabulous 2010 - I can't believe how fast it flown by!

Merry Christmas and a wondrous New Year everyone! from me to you xox.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

baby no more:(

our sweet, happy-go-lucky, funny + adorable lil' lady is 5 next month! Can't believe it...seriously where did time go? Annnnd, I haven't even blogged for the longest time ever!!!
soooo, am gonna make it up to you all.
what are you looking forward to this year? randomly I'll pick an answer to receive a HappyMail parcel, care of RK+P.
This is opened up to internationals too.
J O Y!
P.S Trace - please email me:):)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

its the little things

that count.
like this pile of paper goods.
i'm obsessed over paper.
so, my friend.
whats your one (or two) little thing/s?

Monday, February 1, 2010

let's go to the movies

just returned back from the movies! (its an Auckland Anniversary Holiday day) and Astro boy was today's pick from miss Jorjy:)
its pretty cool..boring slightly but that is probably because on Friday David + I had just seen one of the coolest movies ever. ever.
but astro/toby is really cute himself. and this movie has sooo many morals its so heartening:) seriously.


what I'm still waiting to see is looks so fantastic. loves. none of the kids wanted to see it when it came to their pick over the holidays, and can't see it being chosen for a fri nite date night... lol. and none of my friends are dying to see i'll just have to wait for the dvd. sigh.




the movie of all movies, was a w e s o m e! you experience Avatar 3D, not watch it. it is one of the most greatest things ever. titantically amazing.


3D is far better than the "plain" version I've heard. and it must be true, because the graphics are one in million, actually one in a billion. billion dollars that is:):)


thank you mr. cameron. you are brillant.

another fave movie is Storm Warriors. its subtitled, but if you are an action buff like'll be blown away. i see a best foreign movie award coming on. it's artistically magic.
what movie/s has been a fave of yours? love to hear!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

thursday prettiness.

sweet lil' knitted fox. so cute.

paperbags. joy.

my sisters current obession. bunting.

can never beat a kawaii cupcake cupliner. loves.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

thinking thinking...

'bout my composition photography fun.
>packaging twine
>kawaii tape
>vintage leaves
>seafoam twist ties (loves)
>wooden pinch (peg)
>vintage button
>Crate Paper diecut
annd, more goodness on randomkits and pieces:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

more paperbag packaging kits coming:)

This is so Paperbag Packaging:)Esp. kraft!
Keep an eye out..there is more RK+P coming this weekend!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

extra curricular + world sweet world

One of the pretty things I got from my sis this Christmas was the darling copy of extra curricular! It is mega inspiring and filled to the brim of amazing handmade/crafty artists in New Zealand:)
The cover is so sweet, so I had to share. It also features me + Bee's Kraftbomb friend Heleen:) Another fabulous read is World Sweet World (of course, New Zealand made) which is just the neatest publication you ever did venue across. Both printed on 100% repurposed materials they feature artists that love to craft as much as you and me:) And I'm all for handmade goodness! I know you are too:)
If you haven't already, source your bookstore today! Chuckle.


Goodness from random kits + pieces:) La Dee Dah.



These are n e w:) Loves.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Creative Year 2010

Happy N E W year!! Its 2010!
The last decade has flown by. I remember when the world over was going on about the Y2K Yep, so lonnng ago now.
Anyways, the Christmas holidays have been so blissful:) Lots of fun laid back family activties and food. Glorious food. Mmm. BBQs are such a NZ tradition at Christmas (and summer). As are the beach visits, sticky faces and movie watching. And the sales.
And of course, one (outta a hundred) of the best bits....having time to make things.

simple stitching.


and some much needed scrapbooking.
and some updates:)
Enjoy your holidays! And sleep in.