Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's to Kraftbomb!

Wow, what a weekend!
Kraftbomb was awesome! We sold lots of goodies and meet the coolest creative souls! Hi to everyone who popped over for a visit and who purchased our craft happenings. We had so much fun + learnt lots that we will be back again for the November KB!! Yippee:):)

My Re-purposed Greeting Cards nearly SOLD OUT! I had 3 left! Yippee! So, I will definately be re-stocking them. And we had so much positive feedback, we should of provided forms to fill in LOL:) Something for the ego heehee!
Now that KB is over for this month, I will be getting back into scrapbooking! I have missed it ever so much, I got a new batch of photos developed today:) Nothing beats a fresh batch of prints! So, as soon as I pack + send some orders, finish one set of ATCs, send off another batch of ATC's, do some DT work, finish marking my Pathfinders workbooks and assigning the tasks for the last meeting of the year...I will get down with my scrapping! Soon, hopefully! LOL:)
Hey, annnnd something fun! Thought it be about time for some HAPPYMAIL for you! Just leave a comment on Bee's blog (or here), and be in to win some goodies that I had left over from Kraftbomb! Rad!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its a finnnne day for craft happenings:) Love wet weather (sometimes!) cos' it's just so perfect for getting out the scissors and needle! F U N:) So, as promised here are some things I have been working on....
Repurposed Greeting Cards w/ origami paper and felt w/ a vintage button. I have made lots of different colour combos. How addicting sewing machines become. Used red and white thread.
Tons of pretty vibrant + colourful 2" Felt Flowers...these are perffffect for scrapbooking and cardmaking and for collecting for your stash of goodies:) Each one is completely 100% freehand cut and handsewn, no die cuts or templates used! Sooo, each one is different, original and a one off! I've also made a whole bunch w/ pin backs too! So you can wear 'em, share 'em and hang 'em anywhere. We {heart} practical:)

Annnd Swatches of Felt! These will be in the shop too... I am also taking a bunch to Kraftbomb too...tied with pretty polka dot ribbon and wrapped in light peach (v.vintage style) tissue paper.

Sooo, these are just a few of the things I will have on our table. Bee has a whole lot of wondrous craft happenings too:) We can't wait for KB...if just to hang out and eat cupcakes from City the Cupcake Queen who will have the most delicious treats for sale:):) If you are coming to check it out this sure to pop on over and say hi i i i!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I miss Y O U.

Hi i i i i!
I've been so supa busy with life! I have neglected my v.sad lil' blog and YOU!
But, you know how it is...things are so busy at the mo (when is it never! LOL) that I haven't had much time to myself. Ok, hope I'm not sounding selfish here.
Last week was spent getting ready for the weekends' camping trip...I teach a bunch (ok, more than a bunch!) of 17 'tweens (11-12year olds) from my church, and so last week was spent preparing their bookwork and pursuits to do on this camping trip. We spent the weekend in Whangaparaoa - Shakespear Regional Park! It is seriously one of the most beautifullest camping spots I've ever been on! The weather was perfect, and we spent the nights sitting by the camp fire and drinking milo and toasting marshmallows! And then the twilight hours telling them to go to sleep! Ha. Wondrous:) And then on Sunday afternoon, we all were treated to Waiwera Hot Pools! Bliss I tell ya.
And then this week I have been supa dupa busy preparing my things for Kraftbomb on Sunday! I've handsewn soooo many felt flowers I haven't even counted them...I love felt!! I've also made a ton of new kits just for the event and some new ones for the stay tuned:) I promise to show pics of my craft happenings soon...My sissy and I are so excited to be attending! Can't wait:)
I also want to thank all our customers who have been crazy with our Randomkitsandpieces! I will update the shop inventory tonight! Some kits have sold out!! Awesome:)
Ooooh, how I love the night time! Such a night owl...but not during the last few days...I've gone to bed early b/c I've been so utterly exhausted! Do you blame me? LOL....I know you don't. I bet you your days are crazy busy too...even when you get a spare mo, it's to do washing, folding ironing cooking etc...
tfv always:)

Monday, October 13, 2008

I weally {heart} Craft Happenings

Been busy getting stock for the shop and making projects for Kraftbomb as well:) New fabrics and felt flowers and handmade envies...lush. Am thinking just for KB, the gift wrapping option of packaging should be extra special with kraft paperbags or wrapped with kraft paper and tied with pink or orange polka dot ribbon! Lush. Can't wait for sis and I will be there...with our table of craft happenings. Look for the seafoam polka dot tablecloth and doilies. Swoon:) Annnd, be sure to come over and say hi!!
And, here's some eye candy....
Top: Japanese fabric! I love. Couldn't resist the mushrooms and lil details on the canvas style cloth.
Middle: pink and turquoise fabric with pin polka dots:) Endless possiblities.
Bottom: Pink graph style fabric...can imagine journal covered papergoodness with this.

Mini canvas panels...this size is 3"x4"...itty bitty-ish:) Art work for your inspo board or bookshelf. Your windowsill is calling ;)

this one is a itty bitty bigger! 5"x7" and covered with an old sewing pattern and random bits and pieces.

tfv:) and am looking forward to reading all the SENZ stories and seeing photos! Lucky peeps:):)
P.S Does anyone else watch The Hills? L.C is such a drama love it!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

S W O O O O N!!!

Looking on the net gives me soooo much inspo!! I just love love LURVE to check out other people's creative spaces and areas! And what better place to see than on the good ol' internet! I came across this awesome place and just had to share!! I absolutely ADORE these photos. I can't remember where I saw them (hola if you know, so I can give credit - so wish it was my place) everything especially the colours!!
S W O O N!!

Oh, and I've been quietly working on my projects for Kraftbomb! Will show you some sneak peeks v. v. soon! Promise:):)
P.S There is still a handful of Kit10's left. Annnd, if you haven't checked this out...then you should! Congrats Lou!! So proud of ya:):)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Come on down!!
Labour Weekend @ the Grey Lynn Community Centre, Auckland
Check, check, check it out:)
Mark it in your diary:)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Old books and Vintage Comics

Does anyone else like to visit their local Salvation Army and pop in to really aged antique stores? I bet you do.
So. Do. I.
I love looking and driving in, and seeing all the fabulous Vintage stuff and the antique furniture. Fun. Especially good if you get some bargins and get to help raise funds for a fab charity. I love old books! Nothing like the aged edges and the yellowing-ness of it all:):)
This is an IttyBittyKit that we have in the shop! The pages are from a cool little book featuring cool old style illustrations from the 60's...groovy dude!!
Do you have any cool finds that you would like to share?
I. Bet. You. Do.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Isn't she sweet? My beautiful niece. My big brother and SIL become parents for the first time several weeks ago and we couldn't be more happier! They have been married for four years and every year we all would ask this year? Oh the pressures from the grandparents LOL! She is such a pretty girl...looks like her mama, oh, sorry big bro, and her dada! Heehee...beautiful chubby cheeks, nothing like that newborn scent! Sweetheart. Welcome Renee. Welcome.


Hey, and made this quick book with graph paper and upcoming RandomKit stuff! Oh, annnd, we are having a lil' celebration over at RK&P, we just posted Randomkit10! MEGA RANDOMGOODNESS!!...check it out:)

See those Japanese children? They are circle stickers!! I got them from KraftBomb at this cool stand SugarLemonSweetheart! Pop in for a visit! She is supa sweet:)


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School Holidays....

....have kept me away from my blog (what, you too? LOL!) here's a happy note!
It does, doesn't it? And not just money! LOL:)
Tomorrow, I will have a couple layouts up and also Bee and I are adding new things here! Come for a visit:)