Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the brighter the day...



........the more you should be inspired by Amelie & scrapbook!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

one little word...

...the challenge blog that is! I have had this wonderful challenge site on my blog list for a g e s now, and thought it about time I do a layout!
The word is R E A L...and you can check it out down the right side of my blog.


My layout is basically about Jorja and how R E A L she is; everyday. Yes, sometimes it feels like she is a dream and we often ask ourselves in jest if she really is real...she's just so mega funny, creative and honest!! LOL...love that.
There is time for you to join in too! What are ya waiting for? Be real. Scrapbook it.
tfv + tfl:)
What has everyone been watching on tele lately? I'm really digging American Idol (whats with the judges picking that chick back for a wild card! haha!) annnnd Brothers and Sisters. Its my fave, bubble bubble!

Friday, March 13, 2009

here comes the backlog...

....the backlog of layouts that is! Have had time to do lots...both for forum challenges, prompts annnd personal layouts!
Seriously, I've learnt something.
If I find myself to busy to do any scrapping I'm gonna stop and re-evaluate my day. Granted, most days are just to hectic to do a page, but I'm gonna make it a mission this year (yep, a whole year) to do more pages and tackle more photos in these here boxes...I don't need much inspo just time....although nothing inspires me more than to surf and see. There are sooo so many talented scrappers + artists out there. And whether we live in South Africa, US, Europe, or NZ we all share one philosophy...we love photographs and paper, and the chance to preserve our stories. Our thoughts, visions and beliefs.
Now, I just have to keep reminding myself this! Haaaaha.
Happy days my friends.
Annnnd, if you are in for a challenge visit me and my creative team friends here!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A pair of fatty feet

Found this fun shot from Jorja on our camera! LOL...she took the camera out whilst we were at the local pools. Don't cha just love when your kids use the cam. Seriously, you can now get two year olds that know how to use digital cameras. Last week, Jorja was showing her Nana all her shots. Review, back, click, show and tell, slide show! How's a Nana to keep up!?

Am missing the sunshine now...its been so windy all day...at least it isn't raining for more than a few minutes, as the wind just blows those dark clouds away.

Has anyone seen Slumdog Millionaire? We loved it!! It was actually really good and full of laughs and cries and happiness. Freida Pinto is such a beauty, and the kids are so adorably cute..especially the star! If you've seen it, you'll know who I mean. He is just such a lil' cutie pie!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yes, seriously.

I know I need to scrapbook some new + improved photos of moi.....Eeek, I only have photo's with my hair up! I have a whole sequence of these photos which were taken last winter! HELLO! Hence the scarf! Hard to believe in this weather that there is such a thing as Winter!! Only now in the evening has it started to cool down...aaaah feel that breeze drifting in! Bliss :)

Happy Days my friends:):)


Annnnd thanks for the comments on the pegs. Go, go polka go.