Sunday, December 21, 2008

A lil' krafty lovin'

Bee + I had a wondrous day at Kraftbomb! Had fun selling, meeting and chatting away to everyone:) We like interaction!! LOL! A huge HUGGGE hi to Rachel from the sketchbooknz scrapbooking forum who said hi and purchased a Canvas Art! Woot, enjoy Rach! You are soooo fab-u-lous! So nice to meet ya and your sweet family. Annnd, a big hi to everyone who came over and chatted...and of course our fun + awesome customers. You guys are all so special. So, without further ado-do, here are some photos, thanks to Bee who brought her wicked camera!! Coolio sissy.
Here we are. Of course we need no introduction! Ha.


Our table laddened with wondrous lil' treasures. Lots of stocking fillers!


Annnnd, my special felt project of the mo! Felt Rocket Badges!! plus here are the infamous (giggle) Felt Flower Brooches:):) ALL HANDSEWN OF COURSE!


Canvas Art! These were popular. I really love making them...each one is an original mix of Collage + Mixed Media. Once they go, they go. Zoom zoom into a paperbag for you. Heehee.


And the gorgeous Deb!! You need too check out her sweetness! Sock monkeys!


Oh and these are too cute! Nat made these cute as gingerbread people! Cute huh. I adore her stall. Always such eye candy!! Can you spot the supa mega lil' ones?


Wow, this gingerbread house was supa dupa! I could just eat that frosting. City makes the ever popular cupcakes at KB! They are always always a sell out!! And rightly so:)

Have a great Christmas season! Enjoy your family, enjoy the sun (or snow - oh! lush!) and most of all, enjoy sharing + giving.
Your gifts, your time and your love.
Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Creative Chaos

Well, Kraftbomb is here again! Dude, the time flies so fast, where have all the months gone!! Here's to the last ever month of 2008! Roll on Christmas + familytime + holidays + pressies!! Another Christmas party (the last offical one) on Wednesday..then I will be busy with the last of the preps (packaging) for Sunday + then packing/posting any last orders for RK&P.
Yippee, my sissy + I adore KB, its the one time where all crafters get together and ooooh + aaaaah over everything!! Its gets crazy-good during midday, so here's too another full day!!
This was my main crafty desk last week! Eeek...I think its a bit (ok, more than a bit) wondrous! Hahahaha!! Annnnd, finally! Yesterday I managed to tidy it all up! Finally dude.
(I have photographed all my craft happenings that I have ready for the market, but will be posting it after Sunday...can't wait to share!)

Here's a shot from the last to this insanely creative lady!! Nat is so uber sweet, and talented to boot! Head over to flickr..there is lots + lots of fun photos from all the Kraftbombs! Hoot.

In another news though, I can't wait to see, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! Button...I love it! Dang:) Ok, I weally weally lurve something else about the movie though....need I say more. (read: giggling like a schoolgirl).
Hey, and if you didn't know already Randomkitsandpieces is sponsoring TWO awesome, fun + uber inspiring NZ dare bloggies this month. Being such a busy month, there might not be too many peeps joining in, WHICH is grand for you, b/c you get more of a chance to win some coolio stuff!! See here, and here too. Check it. RK&P will be closed over the Christmas/New Year season, but will be back in Feb with some more lil' treasures for you to sink your teeth into.
Hey, what are you getting for Christmas from Santa? Do you know? I would love to know your Maybe's + Definately's!! LMK:):)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


In between Christmas parties (read: too much food), end of year programmes for school, Christmas shopping, organising life + breathing, I've been creating some more Canvas Art! I really enjoy this sooo much! Creating a bit at a time is what makes me sane really! I don't like sitting still, except when its at my desk making stuff heehee, and even then, I can't stop getting up to pick and pack orders for RK&P!
Thought I'd show some sweet Art that I'd made previously for Kraftbomb. I have now sold ten pieces between the two KB's me + Bee have attended! Woot Dang!
These babies have gone already! Where ever you are my lil' craft happenings, I know you are sitting pretty somewhere! Perhaps waiting to be opened for Christmas! Sweet thoughts.
(I'll update with the *N E W* ones as soon as I have finished them.)

Oooooh! And head over here! Sweet Bev picked me to be jacked! I am honoured. Join in! I would love to see your take. I have something up my sleeve:):)
Annnnd, THANKS dear dear Jane (aka Tilly), you do know how to make me smile sunbeams! I love my Christmas card:):) Thank you.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Re-purpose your Stash

We have been sooooo blessed with the fabulous weather! Oh its just so lush with the sun and the breeze; one just doesn't have enough time to be on-line!! And with the longer hours in the day and the s u n s h i n e, one can't blame one for not blogging..heehee!
Kraftbomb was the bomb! it was so so SOOO fun, my sis + I enjoy it alot and will be there for the December one on the 21st, a lil' change from the usually date of the last Sunday of each month, but just JUST in time for Christmas! Handmade really is the best made! Whether that means scrapbooking, cardmaking, hand sewing etc etc...handmade goodies are always appreciated because, well its not generic hey. Gotta love handmade goodies:):)
I have started creating (actually it never stops LOL) for the next KB, and have designed some felt goodness for the boys too. I will post up pics once I have finished the numbers I wish to complete! Sooo much fun:)
Ok, so! I have also been making these sweet re-purposed greeting cards. They feature Glimmer Mist (oh joy, what fun!) and some MM diecut flower + leaves etc and a random word sticker and some masking tape/packaging tape. Supa easy, but so cool to make! Use up your scraps + make some TODAY!! I'm thinking of bundling these up in threes with a bit of string and having them at Kraftbomb..what do ya think?


Annnnd these are just some seriously r a n d o m ATCs. No purpose. No reason. No theme. Just totally random. I just felt like taking a break from stitching + cutting felt and grabbed my ever present scrap basket! I **heart** scraps. I buy papers just to turn into scraps...LOL!!


Hope you're enjoying your days, where ever you are, what ever the weather! Isn't it exciting, SOOOOOO exciting that Christmas is upon us! Looking at our beautiful Christmas tree makes me really happy. I bet yours does too.