Sunday, September 28, 2008

*K R A F T B O M B*

Beautiful day today! The weather was perfect! Soooo, Bee & I had to get out there and have heaps of fun shopping and checking out KraftBomb{a craft market}in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Lots of cute, sweet stuff! So hard to choose what to get..but scored some real sweet deals and took some random photos to share!


Will show pics of my treasures soon!
Annnnd, afterwards we ventured into town to visit our fave store!! Aaahhhh, talk about Japanese paradise:):)
tfv always!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

cough cough!

I've been sick since Thursday night...sorry I haven't even had any energy to get up!! After two solid days in bed (thanks honey!) I've recovered enough to update the shop and eat some tea! A big thanks to Roo who sent me some fabulous lil' stamps (that click together for storage) for my birthday and also to Carol who sent me some things too!! An apple punch that she knew I loved loved loved!! and some extra lil' things:) So mega sweet of both of you girls...I feel very very special:) Totally surprised!! Heehee:):)ssssh, don't tell them, but I have some lil' things for them too! giggle piggle:)
Annnnnd, the winner of the Happy Mail goes toooooooo:
congrats Lara!!
tfv always!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember Props Boy?

I do! He was funny! Random question, I know!
Anyweez, I had to do a "missing" layout in my son's know what I mean by "missing" don't ya? Well, it's when there should be a page in the album with a photo you have taken of a time/event but didn't have/get time to do it into a layout. IYKWIM:) I'm not the only one like this am I? LOL!! I have hidden journalling under the photo...he can lift the photo by the flap and read it when he's older (its a secret until then) heehee:) The two illustration stickers of Action Adam are drawn by my supa talented BIL Marc. Jorjy wrote something on the back of this layout too...a big letter "J"! Haha...the scarlet letter me thinks:):)
Annnnnnnnnd, thanks everyone who left a comment for the paint palette Happy Mail!
The winner is.............
coming tomorrow.....
I don't have the tag with their name on it photographed yet! Why do I have to announce the winners to my Happy Mail draws this way you ask! I dunno! I just have too too too!! Heehee:):)
Oh and have you checked out the creative type blog today? There is a supa awesome prompt up!
tfv always:)

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Book making Mum!"

I showed a photo here a few posts ago, so I had to show the other two that go with it! Thought I'd scrap it to "immortalise it":) So, this is my clever creative babygirl "making stuffs" FUN! Jorja has always been doing stuff by my side since she could walk...we love creating and making things together! So don't freak out with these photos (LOL) w/ the scissors cos' I'm telling you...the girls' a pro!! A three-year-old turning 16! There is always one in the family!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just a random...

Just love love LOVE pens! any kind, any sort! So when I saw these babies months ago, I had had HAD to stock up! I didn't know these were limited edition sizes and some of the colours too I'm told. Glad I did stock up! My fave is the orange and teal! Loves.
Do you have a fave? Which one?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Remember this cool paint palette I showed several posts ago? Check it out (for measurements). Weeeeell, I have one to give away because September is my favourite month ever!! And not just because of Spring and sunshine! ok, maybe that too...but I adore September! OK, so just tell me what is your fave month of the year and why!!


Look what Miss Jorja was up too yesterday! "Some booking-making mum!" when I asked her what she was up too this was her reply. LOL..yes! those are AC mini-marks rub-ons she's cutting up (with my big scissors) to use! So sweet seeing her with the little stick applying them! Anybody else let their 3 yr old do this? Cutting wise?

Monday, September 15, 2008

And the rest....

And here's Sandra's pages! Funky arrows girl:) I love the Thickers!!

And Kirstin:) Love the teal K:) As you know! Heehee:) have sooo much papers! Love that! And the sweet lil' labels are cool!!

Nik's rockin' it with the blue hues! Fantastico! Check out the WONDERFUL creative energy on the tables:) My kinda world LOL:)

Ruth's pages are so bright and happy!! Adore how you added stitching and love how you have all your ribbons stored in those containers Ruth:)

Tracey's is funky huh? check out how she put in her photo! Go Tracey!

Kelly with the bling! Love the chipboard alphas:)
Unlimited budget is a wish of mine too Kell:)

Darling Rangi and her awesome pages! thanks so much Rangi for the wonderful compliment! You are such an inspiration too:):) I need some of that p/p!!

And the final pages to show you are from Rebecca! One of my fave hobbies is anything to do with pen & paper too Rebecca:) Lovely!

Soooo, that's my 2008 CJ! Thanks to all the wonderful girls from all over NZ who joined in..and sooo looking forward to seeing all your books too!

tfv always:)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

CJ contin.....

Beverley's lovely pages..she used Dimensional Magic on her stamped images and added beads too. So clever! Love your creative space Bev:)

Shell's beautiful pages and so her! She is such a darling and her pages are always linear and fabulous:) Just love your storage Shell!!

Zeetra's candy coloured pages:) Yum. Love your stamped name Zee.

(click on the images for close ups and to read the Interviews)
I am not showing the pages in order as I am waiting for permish from my friends stay tuned
to be continued....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Circle Journal 2008

So, home it has returned!! Over at SBO my friend Rangi started another CJ thread asking who was interested in doing another CJ (Circle Journal)...yippee...yes please!! So, 12 girls signed up including me and then the journey began:) It was begun in January of this year (where has the time gone?) and now it is home..and girls, it is trully amazing:) Words cannot express how happy I am with it. Thanks girls...thanks Rangi, for sending it home to me early:):) I can't believe its mine to keep!! Wahooo:):)
To get a size of it in your heads, its return packaging says it weighs 1.28 kgs, is 8"x9" in size, and thickness is 2.3 inches! Now, thats a book huh!
I've got a lot to show, which I'll do bit by bit (as I think its nice to ask permission from my friends first) sooo I'll start with the cover, tags and my page. The theme for my CJ was "Interview with a Scrap Queen"...yes, you know like Brad's movie ".....with a Vampire" LOL:) And I had all these questions that each had to answer (all Q's were the same) and I asked for photos of scraprooms, desks, crops etc to be included! So, here we go:

Starring....Ruth, Tracey, Kirstin, Zeetra, Bev, Shell, Rangi, Rebecca, Kelly, Sandra, Nik and me:)

"Creative Chaos"

My has a Hambly Overlay....Dang! that I should of moved for this shot LOL!!

To be continued......:):)
tfv always!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NZ Dares

The latest dare over at NZ Dares is a real riot...and sooo weird! But in a good way:) We all have funny and heartwarming photos, but there must also be ones that feature "weird" things/objects/people in your stash as well! This one here had my son and daughter w/ their cousins jumping on a bouncy castle at the Easter Show a couple years ago and along come this girl with untied long hair, so when she jumped it would cover her face. So I added the title "Cousin It" to the layout. Heehee..cracks me up!
tfv always:)
Annnnnd, tomorrow I will have some HAPPY MAIL to share!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily Cards

I so love making daily cards! I know alot of you do too.
These are ATC size and really are just made of scraps, photos and little accents. I keep them in some card sleeves that I can just flip through for inspo and when I just wanna see what I's kinda like a visual diary/journal....although I haven't made many since blogging! I think I will take a few minutes to throw one together tonight. I plan on handing these on to my kids to have when they are older so they can have a looksie at some of the things mummy did when they were youngsters:) LOL!!
Annnnd, also there will be a new prompt tomorrow over at The Creative I want you all to hop on over there and join in!! Jump out of your square (or oval, circle, scallop etc) and have a go! A fun giveaway from fellow DT member Jen will be up for grabs too....yippee:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sooo, as ya know....

...I love to make things heehee...and I know you all do to add even more colour to my day, I made some paperbag things! To house my mini books and handmade cards and craft happenings. I adore anything Kraft coloured, especially paperbags....which, reminds me, boy, have you seen what the creative dolls at Hambly Studios have come up with?!! Drivin' me nuts with all that Kraft lovin'!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of the stickers:):) So happy.

Annnd, this is a fun case!! its a paint palette and when opened up it has all these little sections for mixing and squinting your paints into! Love the outside of it:):) All that fun-ness and colour, not to mention the cute comic style illustrations!! Ka-pow:)

Its 10.5"x 5" when closed, so its a good size palette for my paints!

Hope you all had a colourful day too!
tfv always:)
P.S My sis & I would like to say a huge thank you all for your wonderful emails of encouragement w/ Randomkitsandpieces! And for the orders! Its been a full last few days for us:):)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Kits and Pieces

Firstly, thanks for all the wondrous comments about me being on the design team for the creative type! Am so supa excited about it, so thanks for your comments...I really appreciate them:) Makes me feel so special, sigh!!
Annnnd, now, today...I would like to announce something, that a lot of you have seen since yesterdays big hint..LOL:):) something random and fun!
My sis Bee and I have started a little fun shop called randomkitsandpieces! Now, these things are not your average scrapbooking supplies...not that you can't use them on your pages...heck, I do!!, these things are fun and random! Vintage collectables, found objects, buttons, fabrics, bits and pieces really. Sooo, take a look, and please feel free to leave a comment or email me for any enquires:D New things will be added every few days (at least) and updated daily on whats in stock, b/c kits and pieces are limited!
Annnd, now here's some random eye candy!
I'm sooo loving woodgrain and formica grain contact paper!!
Lil' box of vintage buttons. (Lined w/ cupcake case)

tfv always:):)

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Creative Type

I have been supa excited over the last couple now I can share the cool news!

I am now offically on
The Creative Type team:):) Happy happy me! Am so excited about it:) To be part of a huge international team is such a be sure to come join in on the fun:) I know you'll all be there to support me and my f a b team. These girls rock ma socks w/ their creativity. So happy that I will be w/ my friend Lou too:):)

Have nearly finished this mini book that I started several months is one of those projects that hangs around and that I work on when I need to take a break from other things!

I also have another bit of fun news to, no more babies LOL Lara!!
Will reveal tomorrow....I can't wait any longer heehee:):) Although you may have noticed something quite random on my blog!
tfv always:)