Wednesday, November 9, 2011

still crafting away

just a quick lil' update to let you all know I'm still working on the kits :D
cannot wait til the release!! oh the joy. its been a long time coming!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


a lil' peek..those canvas are my first I did of the kids waaaay back in the day.  They still mean so much to me.  They were my first attempt :)

Love my cuttlebuggie..Jorjy adores it too.  Its usually on her craft table :) All 6 year old's should have their own desk in the craft studio mama! yes, they should babygirl!

Love my glimmermists and labels :)

just some pics of my craft studio...a mish mash at the moment..just spilled everything out and having no worries about mess :)
Don't you just love that...i do too.

P.S i'm making some Christmas kits! it'll be the first time..but there's always a first time right?  Featuring Vintage Christmas items :)

Baby got back

Hi, my name is Niella.


I neglected my blog.

I need severe management skills.

And. Well.

Need to back to the addiction of blogging.

Wow, its been several months since I blogged. Can I even get back into it?

Can I? Of course I can. So, here I am:)

I took some pics of inspo today..first is a bird's eyeview of my 12" x 12" paper organiser w/ wheels and a cool tray on top to keep things all nice and tidy..oh, yes, i still love Seafoam and all its family members of Aqua, Turquoise etc. Melts me everytime.

To the right, there is some RK&P goodness going on there...these will be ready for the big release date which will be as soon as. Labels, pretty patterned papers, paperbags, doilies, paper straws oh, so sweet. So be sure to keep an eye out :)

And some more kits :) these will be featuring my fave colours Seafoam, blues and red and maybe Kraft. Oh how I adore Kraft.  Love the bicycle post it note too :)

This kit Sweet Pea has washi tape, red labels, index cards, library cards and glassine bags to name a few..i'm in love with this kit.

Stay tuned. Lots of releases and lil' kits and pieces coming your way :)

P.S thanks for coming to visit (after all this time)!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011



i've been busy!


to tide you all over (for

i've got some good news!!

all random kits and pieces kits from One to Twenty Seven are HALF PRICE!!

no, im not kidding!! HALF PRICE!!

some kits are sold out please please check the left hand side of the RK+P webbie just to make sure...

and as always

email any questions or/and your orders thru to nielladesigns

this sale is to make way for the ultra papergoodness that is coming thru by the start of July!

so soooo sorry for the delay in the below know how life comes up with curveballs sometimes lol

i will endeavour to keep the RK+P webbie updated as soon as possible, so avoid disappointment feel free to place your orders :)


please note there are special conditions to this limited offer...please refer to the rk+p webbie

x nie

PLEASE NOTE ALL OLD STOCK HAS NOW BEEN SOLD! Thanks to all of our lovely customers:)

Friday, April 29, 2011

HOT new stock coming this week to RK+P!

vintage goodness, boxed kits, papergoodness!

these will go fast.


Friday, February 18, 2011

man down


my phone comes home today :-)

you see
it was not working

it was apparently the battery as it just kept rebooting itself lol.

happy its had its medicine.

so I can now have more pretty + fresh pics to share.

Monday, February 14, 2011

colour random

How are you!
I'm been looking through some old pics and i love the colour in these:-) My canvas featuring Asian candy packaging and my felt flower brooches xx.
You see,
I'm going thru a faze at the mo where I'm making neutral tones accents, so seeing
this colour is a nice change.
I'm still
big on my colour palette - but you know how it is when you're going through
and obsession.
neutral tonage it is.

Happy Valentines Day! I work for a Tertiary provider and we have four different
branches, so whenever I responded or emailed follow collegues today, I'd end it
with Happy Valentines Day :-)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

random kits + pieces


we've had such an awesome welcome back and orders
are going amazingly! thank you :-)

it feels so grand to be back into the swing of things, and so many
ideas are exploding in the craft studio!

With the kids back to school tomorrow, the house will be back to
quiet time after 9pm! j o y lol.

more time to get crafty.

yuss sir.

so far my new year resolution is going great! you see, i promised myself i would dedicate more of my time to crafting! and. i. have.

so proud :-)

happy february.

Monday, January 31, 2011

new papergoodness

everynight for the last month, I've been spending at least 2 hours
in the craft studio (heehee, love saying that...more like made over
garage) and i've just been playing around with my sprays, punches,
papers and bits and pieces and making new pretties for rk+p :-)

nothing inspires more,

than to whip out my scraps of goodness and going thru all
the sweet lil' pieces.

than to sit at my desk and look around at the shelves and
organised (and disorganised) things and bottles and piles of

than to look at my rolls of paper and felt swatches all in a row.

to make some lil' things, but nothing in particular.

well, you get my drift. lol.

which brings me to another project...

RK+P is back into the swing of things...pop on over and we hope you smile*

Sunday, January 30, 2011

vintage love*

how spesh to spot these original Soda Stream bottles!
how even better that the whole box of 6 bottles, that came in
the original red and white box for only 50c! yep, for the lot!

i love op stores.

i love looking thru the goodness.

you always find treasures.

and don't the bottles look even more funkier with paper straws! so sweet.


we have Paper Straws for you! they'll be in RK+P tomorrow.

so. exciting.

see you tomorrow **

and check out these vintage 30 year old wallpaper rolls.

this is papergoodness.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

new stock coming :)

The house is messy...I'm in the middle of threading my new
sewing machine and connecting the wi-fi printer...but i just had to
stop and smell the roses and upload some things I've been
feverishly working over the weekend! Nothing else has been
done! I've just been (with lil' miss next to me on her desk)
crafting all weekend :-) its been the house
is looking dangerous lol. gotta love these times.

These sweet kraft boxes come filled with an assortment of goodness for you to use
in your everyday projects..or for your collection of vintage inspired sweetness.
Baker's Twine, glitter, crepe paper, buttons etc.

They'll be new bundles of Vintage Papers, handmade accents, packages of
sweetness and so much more.
They'll be an update soon! Thanks so much for being wonderfully
All coming to Random Kits and Pieces soon!!
Feel free to keep those emails coming :-)
Nie and Bee