Sunday, December 21, 2008

A lil' krafty lovin'

Bee + I had a wondrous day at Kraftbomb! Had fun selling, meeting and chatting away to everyone:) We like interaction!! LOL! A huge HUGGGE hi to Rachel from the sketchbooknz scrapbooking forum who said hi and purchased a Canvas Art! Woot, enjoy Rach! You are soooo fab-u-lous! So nice to meet ya and your sweet family. Annnd, a big hi to everyone who came over and chatted...and of course our fun + awesome customers. You guys are all so special. So, without further ado-do, here are some photos, thanks to Bee who brought her wicked camera!! Coolio sissy.
Here we are. Of course we need no introduction! Ha.


Our table laddened with wondrous lil' treasures. Lots of stocking fillers!


Annnnd, my special felt project of the mo! Felt Rocket Badges!! plus here are the infamous (giggle) Felt Flower Brooches:):) ALL HANDSEWN OF COURSE!


Canvas Art! These were popular. I really love making them...each one is an original mix of Collage + Mixed Media. Once they go, they go. Zoom zoom into a paperbag for you. Heehee.


And the gorgeous Deb!! You need too check out her sweetness! Sock monkeys!


Oh and these are too cute! Nat made these cute as gingerbread people! Cute huh. I adore her stall. Always such eye candy!! Can you spot the supa mega lil' ones?


Wow, this gingerbread house was supa dupa! I could just eat that frosting. City makes the ever popular cupcakes at KB! They are always always a sell out!! And rightly so:)

Have a great Christmas season! Enjoy your family, enjoy the sun (or snow - oh! lush!) and most of all, enjoy sharing + giving.
Your gifts, your time and your love.
Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Creative Chaos

Well, Kraftbomb is here again! Dude, the time flies so fast, where have all the months gone!! Here's to the last ever month of 2008! Roll on Christmas + familytime + holidays + pressies!! Another Christmas party (the last offical one) on Wednesday..then I will be busy with the last of the preps (packaging) for Sunday + then packing/posting any last orders for RK&P.
Yippee, my sissy + I adore KB, its the one time where all crafters get together and ooooh + aaaaah over everything!! Its gets crazy-good during midday, so here's too another full day!!
This was my main crafty desk last week! Eeek...I think its a bit (ok, more than a bit) wondrous! Hahahaha!! Annnnd, finally! Yesterday I managed to tidy it all up! Finally dude.
(I have photographed all my craft happenings that I have ready for the market, but will be posting it after Sunday...can't wait to share!)

Here's a shot from the last to this insanely creative lady!! Nat is so uber sweet, and talented to boot! Head over to flickr..there is lots + lots of fun photos from all the Kraftbombs! Hoot.

In another news though, I can't wait to see, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! Button...I love it! Dang:) Ok, I weally weally lurve something else about the movie though....need I say more. (read: giggling like a schoolgirl).
Hey, and if you didn't know already Randomkitsandpieces is sponsoring TWO awesome, fun + uber inspiring NZ dare bloggies this month. Being such a busy month, there might not be too many peeps joining in, WHICH is grand for you, b/c you get more of a chance to win some coolio stuff!! See here, and here too. Check it. RK&P will be closed over the Christmas/New Year season, but will be back in Feb with some more lil' treasures for you to sink your teeth into.
Hey, what are you getting for Christmas from Santa? Do you know? I would love to know your Maybe's + Definately's!! LMK:):)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


In between Christmas parties (read: too much food), end of year programmes for school, Christmas shopping, organising life + breathing, I've been creating some more Canvas Art! I really enjoy this sooo much! Creating a bit at a time is what makes me sane really! I don't like sitting still, except when its at my desk making stuff heehee, and even then, I can't stop getting up to pick and pack orders for RK&P!
Thought I'd show some sweet Art that I'd made previously for Kraftbomb. I have now sold ten pieces between the two KB's me + Bee have attended! Woot Dang!
These babies have gone already! Where ever you are my lil' craft happenings, I know you are sitting pretty somewhere! Perhaps waiting to be opened for Christmas! Sweet thoughts.
(I'll update with the *N E W* ones as soon as I have finished them.)

Oooooh! And head over here! Sweet Bev picked me to be jacked! I am honoured. Join in! I would love to see your take. I have something up my sleeve:):)
Annnnd, THANKS dear dear Jane (aka Tilly), you do know how to make me smile sunbeams! I love my Christmas card:):) Thank you.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Re-purpose your Stash

We have been sooooo blessed with the fabulous weather! Oh its just so lush with the sun and the breeze; one just doesn't have enough time to be on-line!! And with the longer hours in the day and the s u n s h i n e, one can't blame one for not blogging..heehee!
Kraftbomb was the bomb! it was so so SOOO fun, my sis + I enjoy it alot and will be there for the December one on the 21st, a lil' change from the usually date of the last Sunday of each month, but just JUST in time for Christmas! Handmade really is the best made! Whether that means scrapbooking, cardmaking, hand sewing etc etc...handmade goodies are always appreciated because, well its not generic hey. Gotta love handmade goodies:):)
I have started creating (actually it never stops LOL) for the next KB, and have designed some felt goodness for the boys too. I will post up pics once I have finished the numbers I wish to complete! Sooo much fun:)
Ok, so! I have also been making these sweet re-purposed greeting cards. They feature Glimmer Mist (oh joy, what fun!) and some MM diecut flower + leaves etc and a random word sticker and some masking tape/packaging tape. Supa easy, but so cool to make! Use up your scraps + make some TODAY!! I'm thinking of bundling these up in threes with a bit of string and having them at Kraftbomb..what do ya think?


Annnnd these are just some seriously r a n d o m ATCs. No purpose. No reason. No theme. Just totally random. I just felt like taking a break from stitching + cutting felt and grabbed my ever present scrap basket! I **heart** scraps. I buy papers just to turn into scraps...LOL!!


Hope you're enjoying your days, where ever you are, what ever the weather! Isn't it exciting, SOOOOOO exciting that Christmas is upon us! Looking at our beautiful Christmas tree makes me really happy. I bet yours does too.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kraftbomb TOMORROW!!

My sis B + I have been busy at work, creating + producing some papergoodness + craft happenings for tomorrow! I just now its gonna be a fun, supa full day with brillant perfect weather too. Can't wait!! We heart kraftbomb:):) Pop in if you can!
Annnnd, the random name drawn for the Scrap Pack is........
Neen and Mike
Congrats, and please send (nielladesigns @ me your email, so I can pop this in the mail for ya:)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One Word.

(ok, not really a word).
nuff said.
Lust him or not, he gets to me. Every. Time.
Oh, annnnd! Happymail will be randomly selected tomorrow. Wahoo.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bad bad blogger

Oh dude, that is just not good enough!! I haven't blogged in over a week! I feel ever so bad, sooooo how about a HappyMail parcel to cheer you up! It's a scrap pack! Not exactly this one as it has gone already...but an equally random packed scrap pack!
Oh annnnd speaking of goodies, I can't wait until Christmas!! So exciting...we adore the festive season so much:) I love giving pressies. We pop up our tree on Dec about you? When does your gorgeous tree go up...and isn't decorating it the bestestest bit ever!! We love looking at the children's handmade decorations from years past. It really is just so special.
Bring it on.
To go into the random draw to win a random scrap pack...tell me, and the world (hee!) what your most exciting thing about Christmas is, and why!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunny Bright Beautiful Days

It was a perfect day today outside! Oh, so wondrous! We Kiwi's are just so fortunate to spend Christmas through the Summer. Look out beach! It was so lovely today, I actually enjoyed hanging the washing out! Totally enjoyed the sun:) It was cloudless and although I should of taken a photo or two, it would of just been blue everywhere LOL. Perfect. Nice day to create in the sunlight too...and so I did! Topped up the shop and made some ATCs as a bonus for the ATC packs that I've developed. Developed..heh, sounds fun as I repeat myself. Thought I throw in with every pack, one special limited edition card...the birds are authentic vintage pictures that I cut from a child's 1958 storybook.
Hey! Tell me, how was the weather for yoooou? Hope you enjoyed your day too! Annnnnd, tfv. Yes, thanks for visiting always.
P.S I must, must MUST get some scrapping done this weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Isn't flickr awesome! Honestly, one could get addicted on there browsing and ummm-ing and aaaaah-ing in total awe! I found some cool stuff here. Oh yippee, tomorrow, oh my favve day to relax (kind of) will be full of making craft happenings:) Bring it on!
Adore this idea! All that fabulous-ness:):)

I love to frame precious papers too.

Fun fonts! Greeeeen.

BTW, last night was a hoot! Danice is a creative freak of course, so it was total fun spending the evening together hanging out and doing our demo's!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Spotlight V.I.P night

Tomorrow, I will be instore demonstrating! Love playing with inks, glitter and papergoodness!! Yippee.
Annnnd fun for the kids too. Treats galore and Santa's little helper told me there will be goodie bags for the first 20 children through the door!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ledger + Lines

Have you seen my paper stash? OK, this isn't mine! I so wish all this papergoodness belonged to me though.....oh the colours, the perfectness, the organisation, did I mention the papergoodness? DIVINE:) I'm dreaming of all the ledger and lined papers. You too huh? Don't blame you! These pictures are from Lovely Design. I {heart} Lovely Design. Ever since years ago when Bee first found her. The lovely Sherilyn Wright.



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happymail Papergoodness

Congrats to.....
Happymail for ya.
Thanks for all of your comments, I will be doing some RANDOM giveaways you just never know!
Papergoodness me:):)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh happy day.

Everyday. Should. Be. Happymail. Day.
I totally agree:):) Winner to be announced tomorrow! Exciting.

Here's what YOU could be getting in the post! Just some precious things we had on sale at KB.

A felt flower brooch, a felt flower, a special RK&P kit and a Re-Purposed greeting card. Sweet!

Oh, and this cute sweet darling is one of the divine things I got last Sunday. Sweet huh? Jorjy loves it! Her name is Pretty Thing. Hmmm. LOL!

Annnd, b/c I love to do random craft happenings, thought I'd show you some stuff that I plan on making a bunch of Daily Cards with. Looks like paperjunk huh? Ok, its just scraps + pieces...but one can do soooo much with scraps + pieces. I can't wait to add machine stitching and to run it through my typewriter!

Will keep ya posted:)
tfv always!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's to Kraftbomb!

Wow, what a weekend!
Kraftbomb was awesome! We sold lots of goodies and meet the coolest creative souls! Hi to everyone who popped over for a visit and who purchased our craft happenings. We had so much fun + learnt lots that we will be back again for the November KB!! Yippee:):)

My Re-purposed Greeting Cards nearly SOLD OUT! I had 3 left! Yippee! So, I will definately be re-stocking them. And we had so much positive feedback, we should of provided forms to fill in LOL:) Something for the ego heehee!
Now that KB is over for this month, I will be getting back into scrapbooking! I have missed it ever so much, I got a new batch of photos developed today:) Nothing beats a fresh batch of prints! So, as soon as I pack + send some orders, finish one set of ATCs, send off another batch of ATC's, do some DT work, finish marking my Pathfinders workbooks and assigning the tasks for the last meeting of the year...I will get down with my scrapping! Soon, hopefully! LOL:)
Hey, annnnd something fun! Thought it be about time for some HAPPYMAIL for you! Just leave a comment on Bee's blog (or here), and be in to win some goodies that I had left over from Kraftbomb! Rad!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its a finnnne day for craft happenings:) Love wet weather (sometimes!) cos' it's just so perfect for getting out the scissors and needle! F U N:) So, as promised here are some things I have been working on....
Repurposed Greeting Cards w/ origami paper and felt w/ a vintage button. I have made lots of different colour combos. How addicting sewing machines become. Used red and white thread.
Tons of pretty vibrant + colourful 2" Felt Flowers...these are perffffect for scrapbooking and cardmaking and for collecting for your stash of goodies:) Each one is completely 100% freehand cut and handsewn, no die cuts or templates used! Sooo, each one is different, original and a one off! I've also made a whole bunch w/ pin backs too! So you can wear 'em, share 'em and hang 'em anywhere. We {heart} practical:)

Annnd Swatches of Felt! These will be in the shop too... I am also taking a bunch to Kraftbomb too...tied with pretty polka dot ribbon and wrapped in light peach (v.vintage style) tissue paper.

Sooo, these are just a few of the things I will have on our table. Bee has a whole lot of wondrous craft happenings too:) We can't wait for KB...if just to hang out and eat cupcakes from City the Cupcake Queen who will have the most delicious treats for sale:):) If you are coming to check it out this sure to pop on over and say hi i i i!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I miss Y O U.

Hi i i i i!
I've been so supa busy with life! I have neglected my v.sad lil' blog and YOU!
But, you know how it is...things are so busy at the mo (when is it never! LOL) that I haven't had much time to myself. Ok, hope I'm not sounding selfish here.
Last week was spent getting ready for the weekends' camping trip...I teach a bunch (ok, more than a bunch!) of 17 'tweens (11-12year olds) from my church, and so last week was spent preparing their bookwork and pursuits to do on this camping trip. We spent the weekend in Whangaparaoa - Shakespear Regional Park! It is seriously one of the most beautifullest camping spots I've ever been on! The weather was perfect, and we spent the nights sitting by the camp fire and drinking milo and toasting marshmallows! And then the twilight hours telling them to go to sleep! Ha. Wondrous:) And then on Sunday afternoon, we all were treated to Waiwera Hot Pools! Bliss I tell ya.
And then this week I have been supa dupa busy preparing my things for Kraftbomb on Sunday! I've handsewn soooo many felt flowers I haven't even counted them...I love felt!! I've also made a ton of new kits just for the event and some new ones for the stay tuned:) I promise to show pics of my craft happenings soon...My sissy and I are so excited to be attending! Can't wait:)
I also want to thank all our customers who have been crazy with our Randomkitsandpieces! I will update the shop inventory tonight! Some kits have sold out!! Awesome:)
Ooooh, how I love the night time! Such a night owl...but not during the last few days...I've gone to bed early b/c I've been so utterly exhausted! Do you blame me? LOL....I know you don't. I bet you your days are crazy busy too...even when you get a spare mo, it's to do washing, folding ironing cooking etc...
tfv always:)

Monday, October 13, 2008

I weally {heart} Craft Happenings

Been busy getting stock for the shop and making projects for Kraftbomb as well:) New fabrics and felt flowers and handmade envies...lush. Am thinking just for KB, the gift wrapping option of packaging should be extra special with kraft paperbags or wrapped with kraft paper and tied with pink or orange polka dot ribbon! Lush. Can't wait for sis and I will be there...with our table of craft happenings. Look for the seafoam polka dot tablecloth and doilies. Swoon:) Annnd, be sure to come over and say hi!!
And, here's some eye candy....
Top: Japanese fabric! I love. Couldn't resist the mushrooms and lil details on the canvas style cloth.
Middle: pink and turquoise fabric with pin polka dots:) Endless possiblities.
Bottom: Pink graph style fabric...can imagine journal covered papergoodness with this.

Mini canvas panels...this size is 3"x4"...itty bitty-ish:) Art work for your inspo board or bookshelf. Your windowsill is calling ;)

this one is a itty bitty bigger! 5"x7" and covered with an old sewing pattern and random bits and pieces.

tfv:) and am looking forward to reading all the SENZ stories and seeing photos! Lucky peeps:):)
P.S Does anyone else watch The Hills? L.C is such a drama love it!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

S W O O O O N!!!

Looking on the net gives me soooo much inspo!! I just love love LURVE to check out other people's creative spaces and areas! And what better place to see than on the good ol' internet! I came across this awesome place and just had to share!! I absolutely ADORE these photos. I can't remember where I saw them (hola if you know, so I can give credit - so wish it was my place) everything especially the colours!!
S W O O N!!

Oh, and I've been quietly working on my projects for Kraftbomb! Will show you some sneak peeks v. v. soon! Promise:):)
P.S There is still a handful of Kit10's left. Annnd, if you haven't checked this out...then you should! Congrats Lou!! So proud of ya:):)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Come on down!!
Labour Weekend @ the Grey Lynn Community Centre, Auckland
Check, check, check it out:)
Mark it in your diary:)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Old books and Vintage Comics

Does anyone else like to visit their local Salvation Army and pop in to really aged antique stores? I bet you do.
So. Do. I.
I love looking and driving in, and seeing all the fabulous Vintage stuff and the antique furniture. Fun. Especially good if you get some bargins and get to help raise funds for a fab charity. I love old books! Nothing like the aged edges and the yellowing-ness of it all:):)
This is an IttyBittyKit that we have in the shop! The pages are from a cool little book featuring cool old style illustrations from the 60's...groovy dude!!
Do you have any cool finds that you would like to share?
I. Bet. You. Do.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Isn't she sweet? My beautiful niece. My big brother and SIL become parents for the first time several weeks ago and we couldn't be more happier! They have been married for four years and every year we all would ask this year? Oh the pressures from the grandparents LOL! She is such a pretty girl...looks like her mama, oh, sorry big bro, and her dada! Heehee...beautiful chubby cheeks, nothing like that newborn scent! Sweetheart. Welcome Renee. Welcome.


Hey, and made this quick book with graph paper and upcoming RandomKit stuff! Oh, annnd, we are having a lil' celebration over at RK&P, we just posted Randomkit10! MEGA RANDOMGOODNESS!!...check it out:)

See those Japanese children? They are circle stickers!! I got them from KraftBomb at this cool stand SugarLemonSweetheart! Pop in for a visit! She is supa sweet:)


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School Holidays....

....have kept me away from my blog (what, you too? LOL!) here's a happy note!
It does, doesn't it? And not just money! LOL:)
Tomorrow, I will have a couple layouts up and also Bee and I are adding new things here! Come for a visit:)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

*K R A F T B O M B*

Beautiful day today! The weather was perfect! Soooo, Bee & I had to get out there and have heaps of fun shopping and checking out KraftBomb{a craft market}in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Lots of cute, sweet stuff! So hard to choose what to get..but scored some real sweet deals and took some random photos to share!


Will show pics of my treasures soon!
Annnnd, afterwards we ventured into town to visit our fave store!! Aaahhhh, talk about Japanese paradise:):)
tfv always!