Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*L O V E* me some lil' bookies

Thought I would show you some colour by showing you some lil' projects I've been creating....I call 'em my lil' bookies! heehee..cute! Made from kraft cardstock and pale blue index cards, these guys are fun and easy to make! Here's my cover...

and the index card pages inside...I've added some lil' colourful tabs to write subjects on!

And this lil' bookie is covered with apple fabric and has cardstock pages and a matching red fabric back. Tie with string, or use rings for easier turning..add your ingredients or leave blank for a friend.

Annnnnd, do you like this lil' sewing kit...its wicked, cos' the needles are already threaded! Wahoo! Here's the cool you want one? I have two to giveaway...just be the first two people to email me and one is yours:) Some cotton lovin'!
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Its soooo windy today

but it could be a great chance to do some crafts...hmmmm! But taking great photos? No way! Its dark and wet, and I wish I could always ALWAYS wear my slippers and never take them off...haha, but alas, jumping into the car with them just doesn't go well with the rain! Here is my take for the NZDares 50th challenge:) Lots of fun things happening over there...and if you not joining in already, join in:) Congrats guys for "turning" the B I G 50!! My mum in the snow in 1971!! Check it out:)
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Monday, July 28, 2008

'Ullo 'Ullo!

What a "refreshing" wet weekend! Hope you have been all keeping safe and warm:)

These photos crack me up! Jorjy loves birdies and ducks and everytime she sees them, she wants to touch!! LOL:) She was chasing this duck around and around our picnic shouting for it to come back! As if it would. Ha! You can click on the layout to do a zoom in:)

I've started up my daily card and/or quote again! I *L O V E* making cards..they are my first passion:) Love the teal cardstock by Bazzill:) Whats your favourite cardstock colour? Product or brand?

Badge lovin' for swaps:)

tfv..I really appreciate you all:)
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Gotta *L O V E* Fridays

Hello, hello! Imagine my shock when I went to finish off today's layout and saw that Jorja had cut up (using my huggge scissors) her photo! I knew she should of went to pre-school today LOL:) I think she was being artistic (is that what you call it sweetie?) and wanted to do something fun...kinda fun anyways..but not to worry, I just used it think it does look artistic now! LOL:)

And how many HappyMail giveaways shall we draw for sweetie? Twwwwwwwwo!!! LOL:) Crackin' me up!! Bless:)



Congrats and please email me: nielladesigns(at)gmail(dot)com so we can customise your journalling cards! Annnnd, thanks to everyone who leave lovely comments:) I always remember!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mr & Mrs Scrapjacked

A layout for the US Scrapjacked! These super talented girls are a force to be reckoned with dude! Totally funky and fresh!

Annnnd, tomorrow will draw a name to receive some HappyMail:) And that person can customise their Journalling Cards by telling me what they'd like to have doodled! Doodle doodle day:)
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Have a Doodle {to}Day

Got some doodling inspo from the very fun and talented Louise Nelson today! I just discovered her blog last week, for which I am so glad! I *heart* her layouts and blog! The pens I have used here are the black Sakura Glaze (my favie) and white Signo (another favie) and the clouds are drawn with a running-out-of-ink (lol!) Sharpie...soooo, have you had a doodle lately?

Annnnd, oh my! I'm quite shocked but very honoured that the beautiful and talented Yvette Adams would nominate me for some awards! Thank you so much Yvette:) You are so so SO kind!
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Pom Poms & a green tag

I found some things in Jorjy's pocket from pre-school last week, and I just had to use them on a layout for her album...a Hirepool signage card and some lil' pink pom-poms! Talk about funny that she would have those in her lil' jacket pocket...maybe she knew I'd want to use them LOL:) She must of got them from the craft caddy there! My son always has peebles and old receipts in his, but I won't be including those in any of his layouts hahaha..but never say never! What quirky things have you used lately that you thought you'd "never" use on a layout or project? Do tell!
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I *heart* craft happenings

I'm always encouraging others to get into making their own accents and embellishments! Its so fun and addictive:) I know you all own a corner rounder so why not grab a piece of cardstock (mine were kraft), straighten the edges w/ scissors or your trimmer and round each corner. Then, using a glue stick, stick down some felt circles and add a stitch or two..then you have your own lil' accent for journalling or matting a photo on or whatever your heart desires...I hope you'll try it:) I know you'll enjoy it!

Use contrasting thread to brighten up the circles:)
These would also look so sweet as postage labels too:) Wish I could use one to send to myself LOL!!
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

*L O V E* your timer setting a *fifteen minute* challenge for yourself. I set myself one...I just used all the bits and pieces that were in my scrapbin, waiting to be recycled and was alot of fun, not having to measure anything..not that it ever seems I do (LOL), but it is alot of fun and I encourage you to try it sometime:) Lots of my stuff is premade too, like the Kraft lil' cards with doodling on it, was written for something else, but goes so well with this layout!

Such a sweet photograph with Jorjy and my sister B too:)

Annnnd, I hear ya! LOL:) You would all like a *journalling card* giveaway!! Papergoodness me:) I will draw for these next week my papergoodness goodnesses:) heehee, love that word!
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Look who's come to visit...

A lil' mushroom fella..looking for a place to plant his lil' bottom. He *LOVES* his lil' felt pin cushion:)

I can't get enough of lil' houses, so I made some ones w/ polka dot fabric:)

Some more journalling cards, this time with flower toppers...thanks Roo for the flower idea:)
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Annnnd, here's an about you tell me, yes T E L L me what you'd like for a HappyMail Giveaway next week...something that I can make/create that is, and I'll see what I can do:)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Firstly I have to say C O N G R A T S to Sonya Pickles for winning herself a DESIGN TEAM position over at Scrapbook Studio and a flash digi cam to boot! I knew you could to it Sonya! Well done:) If you haven't already go check out all the fabulous layouts in the gallery! Its been a F U N 7 weeks of challenges:) Will miss it alot LOL:)

The final challenge was to do a layout in our own's mine, which I got 2 points for, bringing my total points to 10! Yay me:) This layout is very me at the mo, loving polka dots like crazy! Can you tell? LOL:)
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Annnnd, congrats also to my friend Roo, who picked up this weeks SPOT PRIZE that they draw for each week! Wahooo:)
What a perfect way to end the challenges don't ya think?!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is for.....

...everyone that sent me those lovely comments previously:) Thanks so much to you all! To hear your love and encouragement means *ALOT* to me! This layout is dedicated to all of you:) LOL!!
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Annnd, for those of you have been voting in my lil' for fun's the results:

80% Chipboard
46% Buttons
10% Stickers
7% Trims/Fabric for most versatile products!
Thanks to ALL who voted! Interesting wasn't it:)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Need some journalling cards?

Well, do what I did, and make YOUR OWN ones! More papergoodness to create yourself:) Using coloured pencils, inks and white cardstock and a (fine tip) Sharpie, I created some journalling cards after I couldn't track anything I wanted in store. Rounding the corners finishes it off nicely I think:) If you make some too, would love to see...Actually I intended to make only two to put on my challenge layout, but ended up making about 20! LOL!!

Sneak Peek of the my last entry to bittersweet, but there is a *world* of challenges out there! Good luck to everyone, especially my friends!
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Annnd, that's right..there is a journalling card as from above!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Make a lil' badge.

Wearable art is so so SO cool, using scraps up is always good for lil' badges and swap they're fun to make! This one is made with scraps of denim material mounted on chipboard and cutting out a flower from felt material...add some simple handstitching (cos' that's all I know LOL) and for a finishing touch a contrasting button (like this cute cherry button here) and a few gems. And there you have it, a lil' badge of wearable art! Don't forget to add a flat pin to the back:)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A lil' layout lovin'

I have been in this F U N comp called "So You Think You Can Scrap" over at Scrapbook Studio for six weeks so far (the last challenge is next week) and I have only scored 8 points (LOL) so thought I would share a few of the layouts...each one had a certain list of materials and DT member "style" that we had to incorporate together:)

"Louise's style"

"Kelly's Style"

"Lianne's Style"

This has been so much fun:) I've enjoyed the journey.
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Random mini journal papergoodness

With these materials and a few extras I made a random mini journal ready to fill with journalling and photos etc:) E N J O Y!



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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A lil' {HappyMail}

I'm working big time on Jorja's album and finished this green layout this morn. Used a whole lot of green scraps and I'm *loving* pin polka dots at the whats new!! LOL:)

And the correct answer to my question was of course T E A L!! Diff my fav colour of the mo!! And so the HappyMail goes to..

KIRSTIN!! Yippee..HappyMail coming to you Kirstin:)
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Annd b/c I love sending HappyMail, I will be doing a *FUN* HappyMail giveaway every few weeks, so stay tuned my papergoodness goodnesses!