Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Polka Do or Dot?

I {heart} POLKA DOTS!
Using some old style wooden pegs I wrapped a strip (16") of cotton PD fabric around it and tied it secure with packaging string and added a vintage flower stem to it. The embroidery floss on the top adds to the charm.
So S W E E T!
Do ya think they would look cute in the shop? I kinda like 'em just sitting on my desk (;

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Monday Fundays

Yesterday was a great day! Kraftbomb and hanging w/ my sissy is just an awesome mix! It was so nice to meet so many new artists and stalls. I have even more faves now:) And I love looking at all the ideas and tidbits for sale. Creative people are indeed the cleverest people in the world! Gigs.
So, I felt inspired to whip up a page. Lil' miss 3 has no problems with me showing her for Master 7 and Miss soon-to-be 13...well, it just ain't cool no more mum! Hmmm, may have to do some sneaky ones...although they DO yes! Do read my blog. So, does that mean I'm somewhat cool?


Kids are the funniest people in the world aren't they?! In everyday language they tell the truth, they tell ya how it is and when you look hurt they add: but you are cute! So, I have a fat butt BUT I look cute? Well, that's OK then!! LOL:):)
Happy day!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cuteness, Repurpose + a Giveaway

Eek! Quadruple eek for not blogging in over a week!! That is a record...not a good thing. Thank you to my friend who emailed me to hurry up! LOL, girl! You are supa funny:):)
Ok, so for a cuteness (read: need it) pic! This Japanese Kawaii fabric! Isn't it A. Dor. Able! I think it is the sweetest fabric I've seen in ages, and believe me, I've seen (and hoard) alot of fabric! Heehee....the sweet lil' dear is just too...well, dear! And my fave colour teal is featured too.

And a lil' repurposed greeting card! I wish I had time to throw several more together!

Kraftbomb tomorrow, so me and Bee will be there with bells on! Can't wait, I love my lil' sissy:):)

Also, I had posted a poll to the right side of the blog, asking about your fave dessert! ...but it didn't work! Sorry if you tried to vote, and thanks Jean for telling me:) So embarrassing!
I have a giveaway! Yes, the first one for the year! I have some goodies to give away! All you have to do is nominate a friend that you know deserves a lil' Happy Mail! You + your friend will then both get HM!! I will post it to the winner to hand over:):) Wahoo.
Don't forget to mention their name and yours and I will randomly draw a pair of names next Sunday!
Happppy weekend my friends. I nominate you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A lil' bit of happiness...

to brighten the day. Sweet lil' bowls of colourful beads.
On a very sad note though, the fires in Victoria in Australia are just devastating. I am joining in with my friends by making cards that are to be sent over to victims and families affected. It's not much, but it is something to try and bring a smile to some. Please feel free to join in too if you are able.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Butttons + Thread

I made up a new technique today...ok, maybe not made up as in "its never ever been done before", but! I haven't seen it out there before so I thought I would do a show + share:):)

Instead of sewing your buttons to the card, page, project etc etc...I glued them with the thread still attached! Ain't it fun lookin'. Gigs. Sooooo, I hearby declare that Y O U must now try it!! And if you do leave a link!