Monday, April 13, 2009

happy E A S T E R!

Its been ever so nice having a blog break! I have been around though, in the cyberworld checkin' out all your wonderful bloggy happiness!
ooI've been also busy b/c I've gone back to school! That's right, I've decided to upgrade my brain power and skills and do a course! I love it soooo much...I have the coolest peers in my class..and I'm so happy that I'm NOT the oldest, which I thought I might be (LOL)! Really, even though it is full seems to go so fast! Yes, I really do enjoy it so.
99Anyhoo, hope you're all having/have had a relaxing Easter holiday too! And recovering from all that chocolate I know you've eaten:) Mmmmm, who's is this creme egg sitting here?
Oh, and here's a sneak from the shop! Paperie Kawaii is kit number nineteen! Love Kawaii stationery, so c u t e!!

ooooh, and stay tuned to The Creative Type! We'll be announcing a winner soon for prompt #14: using the @ symbol! And another fantastic prompt coming up too!! Yes, it is so fun being apart of a Creative Team.


Cynnie said...

congrats on you course nie! one can never learn to much. Also the kit, too cute!

Shell said...

Well done on going back to school Nie!!! What course are you doing??? VERY cute kit too :)

Bee said...

Very proud of you sis! xx

Jenny Bessonette said...

Hi Niella! I love your blog! I'm so happy you found Vintage Plum on Pink Paislee's blog. I can't wait to get to know you. :-)