Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a crafty day:D

hahahaaaa...can you hear my laugh coming through your speakers? Ok- maybe not, but I'm laughing cos I actually got to do some scrapping today. YES- today. I have these shots (sooo blurry) of Miss J so I had to get a start on. Most are totally crazy and you can't really see anything except a head of crazy hair and fuchsia trackies! hahaaa...I was just taking all these "action" shots of her jumping on the bed going all crazy! So fun. They are last year's craziest shots I'd say. I think action shots rock. Seriously. So candid and unplanned. Go ahead try it...and if you have already (admit it- y'all got those kinda shots LOL) go ahead and scrapbook them!! Might take you a whole year..but hey. Gigs.



Peace my friends.
(shot from Miss J the 2nd)
Loves, N.
P.S some limited papergoodness has hit RK&P. Check 'em out. There's only one of each!


Cynnie said...

Welcome back to blogging love your page, I love blurry photos to scrap!!!

Yvette Adams said...

Your page looks unreal! And I love the action shot. :)

Bee said...

Heh, love the pics.