Thursday, January 7, 2010

extra curricular + world sweet world

One of the pretty things I got from my sis this Christmas was the darling copy of extra curricular! It is mega inspiring and filled to the brim of amazing handmade/crafty artists in New Zealand:)
The cover is so sweet, so I had to share. It also features me + Bee's Kraftbomb friend Heleen:) Another fabulous read is World Sweet World (of course, New Zealand made) which is just the neatest publication you ever did venue across. Both printed on 100% repurposed materials they feature artists that love to craft as much as you and me:) And I'm all for handmade goodness! I know you are too:)
If you haven't already, source your bookstore today! Chuckle.


Goodness from random kits + pieces:) La Dee Dah.



These are n e w:) Loves.


Ruby in the Dust said...

hehe, thanks for the mention!! hope you had a great break over Christmas, and would love to see you at K'bomb again...

Bee said...

I picked up the latest WSW after seeing it here!