Tuesday, February 1, 2011

random kits + pieces


we've had such an awesome welcome back and orders
are going amazingly! thank you :-)

it feels so grand to be back into the swing of things, and so many
ideas are exploding in the craft studio!

With the kids back to school tomorrow, the house will be back to
quiet time after 9pm! j o y lol.

more time to get crafty.

yuss sir.

so far my new year resolution is going great! you see, i promised myself i would dedicate more of my time to crafting! and. i. have.

so proud :-)

happy february.

1 comment:

Bee said...

Yay for sticking to crafty NY resolutions! I must learn from you. Pretty much failed my no cheeseburgers attempt in the first week. And quiet after 9pm? That's when our house wakes up!