Thursday, June 9, 2011



i've been busy!


to tide you all over (for

i've got some good news!!

all random kits and pieces kits from One to Twenty Seven are HALF PRICE!!

no, im not kidding!! HALF PRICE!!

some kits are sold out please please check the left hand side of the RK+P webbie just to make sure...

and as always

email any questions or/and your orders thru to nielladesigns

this sale is to make way for the ultra papergoodness that is coming thru by the start of July!

so soooo sorry for the delay in the below know how life comes up with curveballs sometimes lol

i will endeavour to keep the RK+P webbie updated as soon as possible, so avoid disappointment feel free to place your orders :)


please note there are special conditions to this limited offer...please refer to the rk+p webbie

x nie

PLEASE NOTE ALL OLD STOCK HAS NOW BEEN SOLD! Thanks to all of our lovely customers:)

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Lainie said...

Damn it! Where have I been...too slow as usual. I'd better go and check out what's new over at Random Kits :D