Monday, December 15, 2008

Creative Chaos

Well, Kraftbomb is here again! Dude, the time flies so fast, where have all the months gone!! Here's to the last ever month of 2008! Roll on Christmas + familytime + holidays + pressies!! Another Christmas party (the last offical one) on Wednesday..then I will be busy with the last of the preps (packaging) for Sunday + then packing/posting any last orders for RK&P.
Yippee, my sissy + I adore KB, its the one time where all crafters get together and ooooh + aaaaah over everything!! Its gets crazy-good during midday, so here's too another full day!!
This was my main crafty desk last week! Eeek...I think its a bit (ok, more than a bit) wondrous! Hahahaha!! Annnnd, finally! Yesterday I managed to tidy it all up! Finally dude.
(I have photographed all my craft happenings that I have ready for the market, but will be posting it after Sunday...can't wait to share!)

Here's a shot from the last to this insanely creative lady!! Nat is so uber sweet, and talented to boot! Head over to flickr..there is lots + lots of fun photos from all the Kraftbombs! Hoot.

In another news though, I can't wait to see, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! Button...I love it! Dang:) Ok, I weally weally lurve something else about the movie though....need I say more. (read: giggling like a schoolgirl).
Hey, and if you didn't know already Randomkitsandpieces is sponsoring TWO awesome, fun + uber inspiring NZ dare bloggies this month. Being such a busy month, there might not be too many peeps joining in, WHICH is grand for you, b/c you get more of a chance to win some coolio stuff!! See here, and here too. Check it. RK&P will be closed over the Christmas/New Year season, but will be back in Feb with some more lil' treasures for you to sink your teeth into.
Hey, what are you getting for Christmas from Santa? Do you know? I would love to know your Maybe's + Definately's!! LMK:):)


Kim A said...

I'm getting a Cuttlebug! Shhh my husband doesnt' know I know.

Happy Christmas to you and your family Niella

Kim Aarons

Bee said...

I love creative mess!

I have no idea what I am getting as my pressies have been whisked away to the in-laws! I am notorious for guessing what a gift is before Christmas which breaks a certain someones heart. Hee hee.

When we having our crafty nite yo? I need your sewing expertise on a project I'm working on... xx

Rachel said...

so lookign forward to seeing your stal on sunday...too exciting

ShaKhan said...

wow, what do u do? Looks like alot of fun!!! i wanna make somethin too now.. hehe