Saturday, December 6, 2008

Re-purpose your Stash

We have been sooooo blessed with the fabulous weather! Oh its just so lush with the sun and the breeze; one just doesn't have enough time to be on-line!! And with the longer hours in the day and the s u n s h i n e, one can't blame one for not blogging..heehee!
Kraftbomb was the bomb! it was so so SOOO fun, my sis + I enjoy it alot and will be there for the December one on the 21st, a lil' change from the usually date of the last Sunday of each month, but just JUST in time for Christmas! Handmade really is the best made! Whether that means scrapbooking, cardmaking, hand sewing etc etc...handmade goodies are always appreciated because, well its not generic hey. Gotta love handmade goodies:):)
I have started creating (actually it never stops LOL) for the next KB, and have designed some felt goodness for the boys too. I will post up pics once I have finished the numbers I wish to complete! Sooo much fun:)
Ok, so! I have also been making these sweet re-purposed greeting cards. They feature Glimmer Mist (oh joy, what fun!) and some MM diecut flower + leaves etc and a random word sticker and some masking tape/packaging tape. Supa easy, but so cool to make! Use up your scraps + make some TODAY!! I'm thinking of bundling these up in threes with a bit of string and having them at Kraftbomb..what do ya think?


Annnnd these are just some seriously r a n d o m ATCs. No purpose. No reason. No theme. Just totally random. I just felt like taking a break from stitching + cutting felt and grabbed my ever present scrap basket! I **heart** scraps. I buy papers just to turn into scraps...LOL!!


Hope you're enjoying your days, where ever you are, what ever the weather! Isn't it exciting, SOOOOOO exciting that Christmas is upon us! Looking at our beautiful Christmas tree makes me really happy. I bet yours does too.


Roo said...

Oh my gosh I love your atc's - they are so cool (Wanna swap??? lol)
The kraftbomb sounds like an awesome place to be.

FaerySarah said...

yum yum yum i will have them all please!! so nice to meet you at kraftbomb.. see you next time!

Bee said...

Love your stuff. I am jealous!
Thanks for the comment. I do pick great gifts don't I? ;-) But you wait. This years loot is even better! x

tilly said...

Loved the atc cards soo lovely I may try and get along to the Kraft Bomb just to say hello.....and

fifiscrapzworld said...

WOW your ATCs and cards are awesome Nie.

Have you checked out this -hope you dont mind :)

Niella said...


Papergoodness me Bev!! I am so honoured!!

How about a lil' prize too? That'd be fun:):) I'll happily supply one from RK& me ok!