Friday, January 16, 2009

Why! Helllllo there sunshine!

Thought it about time to get back into a routine! Heehee. Crazy? Yes. Fun? Definately.
I trust you all had a fabulous + beautiful Christmas/New Years! It so fun having holidays, and the family being together and just being relaxed and free!
I have big plans this year. I can't wait. No time like the present...I will let you know as I go along. Twiddle dwiddle dee. Humming along. With my umbrella for the rain and my shades for the sun. Heehee.
Starting in Feb, RK+P will be opening up again, and we plan on having lots of fun stuff happening there. Not just a lil' store, but an ideas station as well. Things that have been made with the materials and kits. And maybe some Guest Designers too. We'd love everyone to jump in and create with our kits. New fabrics, new stuff + vintage finds. Randomgoodness.
Its so good to be getting back into blogging. I've missed it. Well, a lil' bit anyway. Gigs.
Annnnnd, some pics. I would love this book! It looks adorable. Handmade hellos. Oh, swoon!

Aren't these retro cool! Popcorn paperbags:):) Totally sweet-i-e!

Annnd, this gorgeous pic I spotted online. I can't remember where from...but its fab.



Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Gah...i spotted that handmade hellos book recently you think Santa would mine if i put my wishlist in early this year with the promise of being good?! Hehehehe x

Bee said...

Handmade Hellos is on my Amazon wishlist. And it has been for ages now... obviously Santa did not see it. Humph! :-D

Axel....{Carol} said...

Hi Nei, thank you so much for the congrats,its defiantly started my year of on a great note.
wow you are a busy beaver,just a thought have you tried "fish pond"
for books? i have brought some great altered art ones from them.
Heres a big new year ((((HUG))) from me hehe