Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Polka Do or Dot?

I {heart} POLKA DOTS!
Using some old style wooden pegs I wrapped a strip (16") of cotton PD fabric around it and tied it secure with packaging string and added a vintage flower stem to it. The embroidery floss on the top adds to the charm.
So S W E E T!
Do ya think they would look cute in the shop? I kinda like 'em just sitting on my desk (;


Jane Hambly said...

Very cute I used to make dolly's out of pegs.
My order arrived thankyou and the fabric is so lovely great kits .

Lara said...

so very cute :-)

we make peg dolls from time to time here :-)

Yvette Adams said...

Yep I love polka dots! These are so cute!!

Danice said...

LOL no Nie, you gotta put it in the shop, otherwise the shop will be empty and your desk will be full, although it would be bright and beautiful!

Bee said...

They look like little dolls. I need some for my washing line :-)

ruby in the dust said...

very cute! I'm also a big polka dot girl; it's such a happy print :)