Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cuteness, Repurpose + a Giveaway

Eek! Quadruple eek for not blogging in over a week!! That is a record...not a good thing. Thank you to my friend who emailed me to hurry up! LOL, girl! You are supa funny:):)
Ok, so for a cuteness (read: need it) pic! This Japanese Kawaii fabric! Isn't it A. Dor. Able! I think it is the sweetest fabric I've seen in ages, and believe me, I've seen (and hoard) alot of fabric! Heehee....the sweet lil' dear is just too...well, dear! And my fave colour teal is featured too.

And a lil' repurposed greeting card! I wish I had time to throw several more together!

Kraftbomb tomorrow, so me and Bee will be there with bells on! Can't wait, I love my lil' sissy:):)

Also, I had posted a poll to the right side of the blog, asking about your fave dessert! ...but it didn't work! Sorry if you tried to vote, and thanks Jean for telling me:) So embarrassing!
I have a giveaway! Yes, the first one for the year! I have some goodies to give away! All you have to do is nominate a friend that you know deserves a lil' Happy Mail! You + your friend will then both get HM!! I will post it to the winner to hand over:):) Wahoo.
Don't forget to mention their name and yours and I will randomly draw a pair of names next Sunday!
Happppy weekend my friends. I nominate you.


Jane Hambly said...

I have been checking in just thought you must have been busy.I would like to nominate my good friend Deb's B to all that know Deb's she has been a wonderful friend to Lisa and has organised card gatherings for Lisa and all the victorian familys who have suffered with the fires .Deb's is a giver of her time and heart and truely deserves alittle bit of happy mail goodness.she is a wonderful friend.....

Gina said...

I would love for my friend Beth (and me of course!)to win something..esp after missing her birthday this week :( Thanks for the chance :D

Rachel said...

Hello Niella! We chatted at Kbomb on Sunday. I linked to your blog on mine, you are tagged if you want to be.

I nominate my friend Jen because she is lovely and I haven't gotten her anything for her birthday yet. And my favorite dessert is everything. Nom nom nom, dessert!

Kiley said...

I nominate Rachel, cause she's the one that directed me to this fantastic blog & is a constant reminder how awesome bookbinding can be!

Nichol said...

ooh! if i won, i would share with my secret sister over at SIS. i can't say her name out loud here because she might see it...



p.s. such a cute layout!!! :)

Lara said...

OK, I think Lynley deserves some happy mail...she has been away from home for almost a month now looking after her dad as he is unwell with a rather progressive cancer, she hasn't had access to her crafting stuff either :-(