Sunday, March 15, 2009

one little word...

...the challenge blog that is! I have had this wonderful challenge site on my blog list for a g e s now, and thought it about time I do a layout!
The word is R E A L...and you can check it out down the right side of my blog.


My layout is basically about Jorja and how R E A L she is; everyday. Yes, sometimes it feels like she is a dream and we often ask ourselves in jest if she really is real...she's just so mega funny, creative and honest!! that.
There is time for you to join in too! What are ya waiting for? Be real. Scrapbook it.
tfv + tfl:)
What has everyone been watching on tele lately? I'm really digging American Idol (whats with the judges picking that chick back for a wild card! haha!) annnnd Brothers and Sisters. Its my fave, bubble bubble!


Cynnie said...

cute Niela! olw is a gr8 site for inspiration...ta!

Yvette Adams said...

I feel the same about my DD. I even did a layout a few years ago called "Are you really real?"

Love your layout. :)

I love B&S too. We don't have American Idol on free to air TV. Maybe it's on Pay TV... I'm loving the Aussie So You Think You Can Dance tho!

deana said...

That is just too cute! :-)

Beth Perry said...

hey there! first time visitor..jumped over from Jen Renee's site. I love your take on real!! That is so beautiful! Didn't Gi's message at OlW just SPEAK to you? It did me...I had to drop what I was doing and go scrapbook that very minute! lol

Lynn said...

So glad you are playing along! Awesome layout!

Denise said...

love this layout!