Friday, March 13, 2009

here comes the backlog...

....the backlog of layouts that is! Have had time to do lots...both for forum challenges, prompts annnd personal layouts!
Seriously, I've learnt something.
If I find myself to busy to do any scrapping I'm gonna stop and re-evaluate my day. Granted, most days are just to hectic to do a page, but I'm gonna make it a mission this year (yep, a whole year) to do more pages and tackle more photos in these here boxes...I don't need much inspo just time....although nothing inspires me more than to surf and see. There are sooo so many talented scrappers + artists out there. And whether we live in South Africa, US, Europe, or NZ we all share one philosophy...we love photographs and paper, and the chance to preserve our stories. Our thoughts, visions and beliefs.
Now, I just have to keep reminding myself this! Haaaaha.
Happy days my friends.
Annnnd, if you are in for a challenge visit me and my creative team friends here!


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

I agree whole-heartedly! I started my visual diary properly recently and I love how one can capture a moment if you just stopped to note it whether that be writing it down or taking a photo.


jen renee said...

awesome post, i'm with ya!

Simona said...

LOVE it, awesome LO!

Scrapbooking is fun 2 said...

sending you hugs, love your blog!