Thursday, May 7, 2009

whipping the paper

that's right whip up those cards! Mother's day is the perfect incentive:-)

and whilst you're at it, make some "plain" ones too! Who says they need to have a word or saying on the front? Not me.

supplies: american crafts everything here! except crepe paper, handmade flower accent and birdie stickers (top).


Lara said...

so cute :-)

Ann Cicilie said...

Oh, I love those colourful cards!

And I so agree with you, a card does not necesserially need words!

I really hope you want to play along with us, I'd love to see what colourful project you can come up with :)

Ann Cicilie
A Little Bird Told Me

Mona said...

Cool, cool style!!

Welcome to a little bird told me- I' m pretty sure, we will have lots of fun together!!

I love your minialbum, with lots of color, funky details and a mix of paper and fabrick. I'm inspired!!

Take care

A little bird told me!!

Bee said...

I have a homemade Mothers Day card ready. And it has no words or saying on the front :-) But not as pretty as yours though! x