Thursday, June 4, 2009

The latest b u z z.....

...randomkitsandpieces' very first guest designer! Lara Moss! Woot, so exciting! She did such a wondrous job...check out all her papergoodness below and here!
We sent her some Vintage Index Cards as well as a kit!

check out these lil' beauties! So cute + creative! Who wouldn't love one of these?

Name: Lara Moss
How long have you been scrapping? 6 years.
Do you have a favourite colour? Why? Green, it's the colour of life & growth.
Soooo, what are your fave products? October Afternoon and Cosmo Cricket.
How long does it take you to whip out a layout? Average probably about 45 minutes.
What are your fave things to scrap? little moments, fun stuff and silly things that happen in the everyday.
Funniest moment you've scrapbooked/recorded... probably my daughters habit of having a finger up her nose!
Who or what are your biggest influences in the way you scrapbook or create things? the photos, the papers and how I feel at the time.
A few things you most always use on your pages.... photos, patterned paper and some kind of alpha.
Thanks Lara! You are an inspiration.
Annnnd don't forget to check out the rest of her delish projects on the randomkitsandpieces blog!
Soooo, to celebrate RK&P and having GDs, why not a giveaway! A $20 voucher for you to spend at rk&p! Yes siree, leave a comment with the question AND YOUR answer to any one of the questions we asked Lara and I'll draw out a winner at the end of the month! WOot! wOoT!


tilly said...

Q/Funniestmoment you have scrapbooed/recorded...
A/ Probably my daughters habit of having a finger up her nose.

Thankyou for your sweet comment on my new blog Nie oxo

tilly said...

Aggh !!! spelling mistakes I'll blame it on the hour and my new glasses.

cynnie said...

wow! what fanntastic projects. THis is so fave Q is the same as Tillys': my A would be when my hubby got his head stuck in the mailbox back and didnot even thnk of turning his head to get out. hahah.

tilly said...

I also forgot to add my funny moment .It happened years ago in the uk in a rush to be ready for a date I forgot to take a roller out of the back of my hair .I didnt find it until I excused myself to go to the ladies and as I was washing my hands looked up into the mirror and there it was staring at me !!!! some date he didn;t even notice needless to say he didn;t get another lol.

Nichol said...

Hello Niella.

My favorite products are Bam Pop stamps, Hambly and Love, Elsie!

Thanks for doing a giveaway. I love the kits you have at RK&P!!!

Bee said...

Can I enter and steal $20 worth of YOUR stuff? Tee hee x J/K!

Annelie Maddock said...

What a fantastic opportunity!!!

Q: Soooo, what are your fave products?
A: Bling, chipboard and mini alphas. Well, any alphas really. Oh, and glimmermist. Um, and bling again...

LEA said...

hi niella, stuff that i mostly use on my pages...hmmm lace, patterned paper, stitching. and i always sand my photo edges. i just can't help it! my mum pointed at the pic on one of my lo's and said 'ohhh look! what happened to that photo' ohhh duh! it is sposed to look like that mum. i sanded it. i happen to think it looks cool. of course she things i am a weirdo. for goodness sake why would take a perfectly good photo and sand parts off it? thanks for sharing some love with such a great giveaway here:)

lianne said...

Cool idea Niella.
A few things you most always use on your pages....
paint or ink, p/p, trims, stitching, masks


fifiscrapzworld said...

Very cool projects Lara
My favourite products are Prima flowers and bling and love double sided papers and chipboard

Lianne said...

Q Favourite product
A I seem to use BG products quite often lately