Sunday, January 30, 2011

vintage love*

how spesh to spot these original Soda Stream bottles!
how even better that the whole box of 6 bottles, that came in
the original red and white box for only 50c! yep, for the lot!

i love op stores.

i love looking thru the goodness.

you always find treasures.

and don't the bottles look even more funkier with paper straws! so sweet.


we have Paper Straws for you! they'll be in RK+P tomorrow.

so. exciting.

see you tomorrow **

and check out these vintage 30 year old wallpaper rolls.

this is papergoodness.


PaisleyJade said...

Love them! The straws are super awesome too.

Bee said...

Love .50c op shop finds! I'm wearing a .50c top as we speak! Those wallpaper rolls made me laugh, look like mummy rolls from Egyptian times.