Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Isn't flickr awesome! Honestly, one could get addicted on there browsing and ummm-ing and aaaaah-ing in total awe! I found some cool stuff here. Oh yippee, tomorrow, oh my favve day to relax (kind of) will be full of making craft happenings:) Bring it on!
Adore this idea! All that fabulous-ness:):)

I love to frame precious papers too.

Fun fonts! Greeeeen.

BTW, last night was a hoot! Danice is a creative freak of course, so it was total fun spending the evening together hanging out and doing our demo's!


Bee said...

Ooh pretty. I have seen the second one somewhere... That first one looks like it could be yours!

Glad to hear the demo went well! xx

Bee said...

Ps. I love Flickr too. Could spend waaayyy too long looking.

Chris C said...

Hi, I popped in and said hi at spotlight but didn't introduce myself - what an idiot, anyway I was the one there super early chatting away with Danice, I just found a link on her blog to here - thank goodness I did, love the eye candy.

Sonya said...

Oh lovely!! Such cool ideas, I never thought of framing scrap paper before.