Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunny Bright Beautiful Days

It was a perfect day today outside! Oh, so wondrous! We Kiwi's are just so fortunate to spend Christmas through the Summer. Look out beach! It was so lovely today, I actually enjoyed hanging the washing out! Totally enjoyed the sun:) It was cloudless and although I should of taken a photo or two, it would of just been blue everywhere LOL. Perfect. Nice day to create in the sunlight too...and so I did! Topped up the shop and made some ATCs as a bonus for the ATC packs that I've developed. Developed..heh, sounds fun as I repeat myself. Thought I throw in with every pack, one special limited edition card...the birds are authentic vintage pictures that I cut from a child's 1958 storybook.
Hey! Tell me, how was the weather for yoooou? Hope you enjoyed your day too! Annnnnd, tfv. Yes, thanks for visiting always.
P.S I must, must MUST get some scrapping done this weekend!


Chris C said...

Wasn't today just perfect, unfortunately I work inside all day, but I did get to enjoy some time outside at lunchtime, and it is still beautiful now that I am home, all the doors open and the birds singing in the tree - you couldn't ask for anything better.
Love your ATC's

Bee said...

Love those! And today was another beautiful day. Havn't we been lucky.

Lainie said...

IT WAS a beautiful day on the 14th, so much so I almost melted visiting gardens for TGA's Art and Garden fest. UGH! Silly me for wearing black!!

Love the cards Niella.