Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh happy day.

Everyday. Should. Be. Happymail. Day.
I totally agree:):) Winner to be announced tomorrow! Exciting.

Here's what YOU could be getting in the post! Just some precious things we had on sale at KB.

A felt flower brooch, a felt flower, a special RK&P kit and a Re-Purposed greeting card. Sweet!

Oh, and this cute sweet darling is one of the divine things I got last Sunday. Sweet huh? Jorjy loves it! Her name is Pretty Thing. Hmmm. LOL!

Annnd, b/c I love to do random craft happenings, thought I'd show you some stuff that I plan on making a bunch of Daily Cards with. Looks like paperjunk huh? Ok, its just scraps + pieces...but one can do soooo much with scraps + pieces. I can't wait to add machine stitching and to run it through my typewriter!

Will keep ya posted:)
tfv always!


Neen said...

Hey Nie... still loving how you rock what you rock.
Hope that Kits and Pieces is going well. Your super inspirating.

fifiscrapzworld said...

Awesome goodies Neilla they are so cool - done any scrapping yet!

tilly said...

You are so clever Nie love all your goodies my love and pretty little miss is just tooo cute.

Lara said...

you are so generous and give away such cute stuff :-)

Niella said...

Thanks girls:)

I really appreciate your lovely comments:)

*g u s h*

Lainie said...

Oh man, I've never seen anything so cute that doesn't talk back, lol. Where did you find her?