Monday, July 28, 2008

'Ullo 'Ullo!

What a "refreshing" wet weekend! Hope you have been all keeping safe and warm:)

These photos crack me up! Jorjy loves birdies and ducks and everytime she sees them, she wants to touch!! LOL:) She was chasing this duck around and around our picnic shouting for it to come back! As if it would. Ha! You can click on the layout to do a zoom in:)

I've started up my daily card and/or quote again! I *L O V E* making cards..they are my first passion:) Love the teal cardstock by Bazzill:) Whats your favourite cardstock colour? Product or brand?

Badge lovin' for swaps:)

tfv..I really appreciate you all:)
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keamac said...

Hi Nie. :)
I love that LO especially all the rubons and embellies. I like the numbers on the pics too. Your little girl just embraces life with open arms doesn't she :)
The card is gorgeous - I'm not sure if I have a favourite colour as such, although I seem to use either neutrals or bright, bold colours.
The card is sooo sweet - I spy another little mushroom person - they're just so adorable.
Love the little badge, especially the cheeries in the centre.
We survived the storm, but not all of my house did!! Check out my blog for pictures and details.
Take care. :)

Roo said...

Another gorgeous lo, so much fun.
And love the card too cool with the doily. And your badge is super cool.

anita l. said...

Great LO!!! And funny enough I'm also warming up to making cards, though I'm a scrapper at heart :-)

RebeccaMom said...

I love the alphabet on your LO, I just have an alphabet thing lately :) I admire them everywhere I go... LOL

Kelly said...

Love the ducks - that's my two mr's all over... running after ducks!

I have to say pp and cardstock are probably my favourites - not sure I can define anything more specific that that LOL

Love that little alphabet you use... really versatile.

tilly said...

Jorja is at that awesome age I love duckies too.
I used my badge that you sent me a while back on an LO over at scrapbooking Dreams its the pencil sketch one I did ans your lovely embellie has pride of place.Have a wonderful week Nie.

gypsylcm said...

I really like your card, the colours and bits and pieces look great together