Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its soooo windy today

but it could be a great chance to do some crafts...hmmmm! But taking great photos? No way! Its dark and wet, and I wish I could always ALWAYS wear my slippers and never take them off...haha, but alas, jumping into the car with them just doesn't go well with the rain! Here is my take for the NZDares 50th challenge:) Lots of fun things happening over there...and if you not joining in already, join in:) Congrats guys for "turning" the B I G 50!! My mum in the snow in 1971!! Check it out:)
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Lara said...

this layout is gorgeous.

keamac said...

Love the snow flakes :)
I'd like to wear my slippers all the time too. Mine got wet staying INSIDE!! he he he ;)