Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's to Kraftbomb!

Wow, what a weekend!
Kraftbomb was awesome! We sold lots of goodies and meet the coolest creative souls! Hi to everyone who popped over for a visit and who purchased our craft happenings. We had so much fun + learnt lots that we will be back again for the November KB!! Yippee:):)

My Re-purposed Greeting Cards nearly SOLD OUT! I had 3 left! Yippee! So, I will definately be re-stocking them. And we had so much positive feedback, we should of provided forms to fill in LOL:) Something for the ego heehee!
Now that KB is over for this month, I will be getting back into scrapbooking! I have missed it ever so much, I got a new batch of photos developed today:) Nothing beats a fresh batch of prints! So, as soon as I pack + send some orders, finish one set of ATCs, send off another batch of ATC's, do some DT work, finish marking my Pathfinders workbooks and assigning the tasks for the last meeting of the year...I will get down with my scrapping! Soon, hopefully! LOL:)
Hey, annnnd something fun! Thought it be about time for some HAPPYMAIL for you! Just leave a comment on Bee's blog (or here), and be in to win some goodies that I had left over from Kraftbomb! Rad!


Lainie said...

Wow, those are sooooo gorgeous. I'm glad to read you both did well at KB.

Lainie said...

Hey Niella, what gadgets do you use to get pics in the 2nd coloumn?

And hey, just noticed you've changed your banner. Clever clogs.

Niella said...

Thanks doll.

You just go through the "add gadgets" section and then choose pictures. Have a play and you'll see what I mean!

Have fun:)

Sonya said...

Your blogs looking ever so cool Niella. And love the look of all your goodies! Im not surprised you sold so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi :) This is the first time ive visited yr blog and im totally inspired. I love the little flowers, how cute are they!!
Lisa A.

Lainie said...

Thanks Niella, had a go thru gadgets, ty for that. Still don't know abt that box popping up though. Rrrgh.