Thursday, August 28, 2008

I *h e a r t* Sunny Days

Ooooh today is a gorgeous sunny, warm day! L O V E days like this:) Can't wait for spring! Made a fun and different kind of canvas art can too! Using felt material, black cardstock, a few basic accents (mine are paper flowers, button and embroidery floss)...I made a shadow canvas! First use a photo or image with a side profile like this one of Jorja...trim around the photo and place it over a sheet of black c/stock and trace, then cut out using sharp, pointed scissors...adhere it to a sheet of felt and trim in a oval...then adhere it to another sheet of felt and cut into a scallop shape or whatever you like...

....add some accents...and adhere to pre-painted canvas...and bam! there you have it:):) Something unique and f u n!
Great pressies for Christmas..not really that long to go!!

The canvas size is 6"x8", but really you could incorporate the idea to any size...those teeny weeny canvas' would be a supa cute size too:P

Annnd, I quickly threw this layout together...I was inspired by my friend Lou...who is so creative and artistic she makes me so so SO happy with her stuff!



Roo said...

Now isn't that felt pic just da bomb!! Very cool idea. Love your lo, so awesome girlfriend.

Tracy le Roy said...

Oh, Niella, that canvas is so cute! What a neat idea. I think you are so creative. Great layout too, lol!

Lara said...

isn't the weather fab?! loving the sun... wanna get planting but I'm sure there are some more frosts to come still!

cute as work again :-)

Simona said...

Hey Niella, you canvas is simply amazing!!! Very very cute! Love the LO too :-)
Have a nice day,

Lainie said...

Just too cute Neilla and the detail in the cut out is wowser.

Yeah, beautiful day in Te Puke, pity I have to work in it. Lol.

Louise said...

Oooh Girl your really rocking the creativeness!!!!!!!

And BTW,.... [lol] The LO Is Tooooo FAB :) :) :), hey dont ya just love thowing it together quikly!!!!! Its how I do my best LO's, I sometimes feel really quilty about taking only 10 mins to do a LO, but thats how they usually go :)

Thank U girl!!!!

The feeling is mutual!!!!! xox

anita l. said...

O Niella, the weather here is grey and cold :-( But the forecast are better: hot and sunny this weekend!

Rangi said...

The canvas is so cool. What a great idea Nie, you truely are fab with all your funky creative ideas.

B said...

Love the silhouette!
Reminds me of a cameo brooch.
Very cute sis! :-)

Yvette Adams said...

Haven't I commented here for a while? I keep checking it out but must have left without commenting! How rude! :D

I love the little signatures on your layouts - the little mushroom and the hero arts alpha stamps and bright colours. You know I've always loved those alpha stamps and seeing you use them so much really inspired me to get myself some! I've never found any in Australia so I've just ordered some from the US. Hope they come soon! Thanks for all the gorgeous inspiration! :D

tilly said...

Love the canvas and lo Nie you are so talented you rock babe