Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have a C.R.A.P (Crafty, Random And Pretty) style...

......well, that's what I was lovingly told...LOL!! How about you? What is your style?
Oh so much stuff to see and buy at my LSS:) Love going much to see and touch and invision on my pages:) I am so fortunate to have a sister who loves papergoodness as much as me...infact tonight we are having a craft night at mums house...snacks and baked goods for eats too:) Mmmmm!!
This layout (feat. one of my recycled flowers) is dedicated to ya sissy...I love you!! See ya tonight:)

Annnd, aren't these lil' guys cute? They are from the Golden Arches and currently come in the Happy Meals:) They are the little mascots of the Beijing Olympics! I took this photo to be included in a dare layout...will share once it goes "live":)
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Yvette Adams said...

Such a gorgeous layout! Enjoy your craft night tonight! I wish my family lived nearby too! One of my sisters loves papergoodness too and we occasionally get together to scrap. Very occasionally cos she doesn't live here in Canberra.
What are those letter stamps you use so often. Are they my favourite Hero Arts stamps that I've been looking for, for like... forever! lol

Danice said...

LOL Ive been looking for those stamps too Yvette, if my eyes tell me correctly i think theyre the "delightful" Hero Art stamps- when you find them, let me know!! and as for you Niella, we all have crap, but yours is just more fun than anything i can do!!

Roo said...

Crap huh? Well then I love your crappy style (doesn't really sound right tho lol)
Aren't those mascots too cute.

B said...

thanks sis!
had fun tonight, we should do it again soon. enjoy the scones... and buttons! heh.

Kelly said...

mmmmm....scones! LOL Love your "crappy" style!! it sounds so wrong haha! gorgeous layout - I see you found the new woodgrain trend to your taste. Cutie McD toys... have a feeling we might end up with more than one or two ourselves....LOL

Niella {paperbutton} said...

LOL..thanks girls for you delicious comments ha!

Yep..C.R.A.P lives in us all:)

Oh and Yvette & D, you are right, those are Hero Arts {basic lowercase stamps}...of course!! I do love 'em so!

Heather said...

These are so cute. I'm going to have to bribe my kids to let me have theirs!!