Friday, August 8, 2008

*C O L O U R* me happy


Crafty goodness here! Have been busy making some memo notepads for my next venture, and just had to share the papergoodness with ya...super *D U P E R* fun to make and customise:) Inside each one is coloured ledger paper for jotting down ideas and notes and shopping lists (see this
Danice! LOL!) and you can tear them out too...gotta love ripping paper..and perfeccct for journalling and sticking straight onto your scrapbook page:) I've added some packaging string to the tops so you can hang it on your inspo board or a magnet on the fridge..hmmm, maybe I should add magnets on the back...there's an idea heehee:)

This is a mini me version of the big mama's and its for you sis:)
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Danice said...

LOL yes! see i need one of those, for my shopping lists!!! hehehe but i need it to fit inside my diary so I dont forget the list.. make sense!???? prolly not :D they are adorable tho, PS Bubbles wants to see you if you havent seen her since yesterday!

keamac said...

So much colour and fun! :) The little house one is soooo sweet.

Roo said...

Ooh those are so super dooper funky!! Love them, youare so talented. Love that little house one - so cute.

Alison said...

You are so talented and these are stunning

B said...

One for me? Yay!
Love these. That lil house one is adorable! x