Monday, August 11, 2008

Makin' Monday

Am getting back into doing different size layouts again...oh the joy LOL!! 6"x12" is so fun for me:) I brought some same size page protectors a while back (over a year ago) and am in lurve with them again!

Love pens!! My favourite are the dual Zig writers and American Crafts!! But my *O N E* fave will always be the Sakura Glaze in black! What are your fave pens or brand?

Annnnnd, what about a HappyMail Giveaway this week...wrapped in kraft packaging and jute string...just like the good ol' olden days:) I'm nerding out over it!!
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Yvette Adams said...

urgh pens! i have so much trouble with them! My Zig Writer didn't last long at all and I recently got a Stampin Up pen which lasted about a week! So annoying! Both pens have a thin end and a thick end and the thick ends both work - the end I don't use of course! I've tried storing them every which way too. OK I got that off my chest!

I love your layout! I love how your layout image is so big so that I can really study it. :) I love how you've pretty much concentrated everything in the little square. So cool!

Mummy LOL said...

Gotta love happy mail, my new fav pen is a white sharpie. What a score it is fantastic


anita l. said...

My favorites are Signo Uniball black and white :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome layout Neilla - my favourite pens are uniball signo white and black fine tip sharpie for doodling mainly - not that I have tries many

Kelly said...

favourite pens.... my zig that I've had for ummmmm at least 3 years now. Maybe I should get a new one? And the thick white signo... love the way it flows.

Roo said...

Love your lo, fantastic style. My fave pens would be my black zig and my white sakura glaze - but really I love ALL pens even nice light blue ball point pens lol

Axel said...

oh now i see what your little parcels were for Niella .
I love the souffle pens and always have a white signo oh and a black one of course.

What a great idea haveing happy mail, we all need some of that these days lol