Thursday, August 14, 2008

NZ Dares:)

Hi hi hi:)

This is my entry to the NZ Dares challenge which is using a patterned background! Yippee:) As always, you can click on the photo and have a close up! LOL:)
Annnnd, yesterday I signed up to SIStv...thanks Lianne for telling me all about of course I was so excited, and had had HAD to join in!! Awesome, jaw dropping inspo there!!

As some of you papergoodness goodnesses already know, I was asked to be guest designer for a dare at NZ Dares b/c of my layout about winter! So here is a sneak peek...

Gorgeous day outside, regardless of what the weather man is to
enjoy what's left of the day.

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Michelle said...

Love your layout!!!

(mizzm at SISTV)

B said...

love the lo! (see, i'm up with the lingo.. heh).
where ever did you get that nostalgic stationery? ;-)
i'm your biggest fan! x

Yvette Adams said...

I love the cluster of lil bright things and the writing paper is so cute!

Danice said...

youre a clever lass niella, love looking at your stuff!

Lara said...

you will love SIS's sooo you :-)