Friday, October 10, 2008

S W O O O O N!!!

Looking on the net gives me soooo much inspo!! I just love love LURVE to check out other people's creative spaces and areas! And what better place to see than on the good ol' internet! I came across this awesome place and just had to share!! I absolutely ADORE these photos. I can't remember where I saw them (hola if you know, so I can give credit - so wish it was my place) everything especially the colours!!
S W O O N!!

Oh, and I've been quietly working on my projects for Kraftbomb! Will show you some sneak peeks v. v. soon! Promise:):)
P.S There is still a handful of Kit10's left. Annnd, if you haven't checked this out...then you should! Congrats Lou!! So proud of ya:):)


Lainie said...

OMGoodness. Wherever did you find these pics? And even though I love this room I can see you all over it.

Bee said...

Cute art space. I want my place to look like this!