Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I miss Y O U.

Hi i i i i!
I've been so supa busy with life! I have neglected my v.sad lil' blog and YOU!
But, you know how it is...things are so busy at the mo (when is it never! LOL) that I haven't had much time to myself. Ok, hope I'm not sounding selfish here.
Last week was spent getting ready for the weekends' camping trip...I teach a bunch (ok, more than a bunch!) of 17 'tweens (11-12year olds) from my church, and so last week was spent preparing their bookwork and pursuits to do on this camping trip. We spent the weekend in Whangaparaoa - Shakespear Regional Park! It is seriously one of the most beautifullest camping spots I've ever been on! The weather was perfect, and we spent the nights sitting by the camp fire and drinking milo and toasting marshmallows! And then the twilight hours telling them to go to sleep! Ha. Wondrous:) And then on Sunday afternoon, we all were treated to Waiwera Hot Pools! Bliss I tell ya.
And then this week I have been supa dupa busy preparing my things for Kraftbomb on Sunday! I've handsewn soooo many felt flowers I haven't even counted them...I love felt!! I've also made a ton of new kits just for the event and some new ones for the shop...so stay tuned:) I promise to show pics of my craft happenings soon...My sissy and I are so excited to be attending! Can't wait:)
I also want to thank all our customers who have been crazy with our Randomkitsandpieces! I will update the shop inventory tonight! Some kits have sold out!! Awesome:)
Ooooh, how I love the night time! Such a night owl...but not during the last few days...I've gone to bed early b/c I've been so utterly exhausted! Do you blame me? LOL....I know you don't. I bet you your days are crazy busy too...even when you get a spare mo, it's to do washing, folding ironing cooking etc...
tfv always:)


Hannah said...

Sounds like a busy weekend for you! My hubby and I (before we had kids!) used to run that same age group at our church, I remember taking 20+ of them to the snow for the weekend. Gosh, it's hard work, eh? But such fun!
I live in Whangaparaoa, so have spent many days at Shakespear. It is a lovely camping spot. Glad you enjoyed it (and Waiwera too).

Tracy L said...

Niella, you always make me laugh! It is hard to keep up with a blog, so we forgive you. Have a great time at Kraftbomb!