Thursday, October 2, 2008


Isn't she sweet? My beautiful niece. My big brother and SIL become parents for the first time several weeks ago and we couldn't be more happier! They have been married for four years and every year we all would ask this year? Oh the pressures from the grandparents LOL! She is such a pretty girl...looks like her mama, oh, sorry big bro, and her dada! Heehee...beautiful chubby cheeks, nothing like that newborn scent! Sweetheart. Welcome Renee. Welcome.


Hey, and made this quick book with graph paper and upcoming RandomKit stuff! Oh, annnd, we are having a lil' celebration over at RK&P, we just posted Randomkit10! MEGA RANDOMGOODNESS!!...check it out:)

See those Japanese children? They are circle stickers!! I got them from KraftBomb at this cool stand SugarLemonSweetheart! Pop in for a visit! She is supa sweet:)



Roo said...

Congrats Aunty Nie. Cute bubba and cool lo.

Bee said...

Renee looks like a little huhu grub :0)

Simona said...

Great LO and book! Love all the cute goodies you used!

Yvette Adams said...

Awwww.. I would love a cuddle of little Renee! She looks adorable!

Sugar Lemon Sweetheart said...

aww the stickers look so cute in your layouts!