Saturday, October 4, 2008

Old books and Vintage Comics

Does anyone else like to visit their local Salvation Army and pop in to really aged antique stores? I bet you do.
So. Do. I.
I love looking and driving in, and seeing all the fabulous Vintage stuff and the antique furniture. Fun. Especially good if you get some bargins and get to help raise funds for a fab charity. I love old books! Nothing like the aged edges and the yellowing-ness of it all:):)
This is an IttyBittyKit that we have in the shop! The pages are from a cool little book featuring cool old style illustrations from the 60's...groovy dude!!
Do you have any cool finds that you would like to share?
I. Bet. You. Do.


Yvette Adams said...

Yes I love visiting the Salvos! Last time I went I got a vintage zipper, still in original packaging with the price tag of 2/6 still attached!

Bee said...

Yes I love visiting the Salvos as well! Thanks for the books - I adore! I might just go visit your local on my lunch break next week. Hehe.

Lainie said...

Well yep, when in Auckland I do or my sis does for me, lol. Otherwise you can find me at the local mkt. I picked up 2 books and a journal last month. One is dated 1891 and falling to pieces.

The Creative Type said...

Ohhhh that is super cute. I have a bunch of vintage catalog pages and stuff that were sent to me from a swap.