Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Kits and Pieces

Firstly, thanks for all the wondrous comments about me being on the design team for the creative type! Am so supa excited about it, so thanks for your comments...I really appreciate them:) Makes me feel so special, sigh!!
Annnnd, now, today...I would like to announce something, that a lot of you have seen since yesterdays big hint..LOL:):) something random and fun!
My sis Bee and I have started a little fun shop called randomkitsandpieces! Now, these things are not your average scrapbooking supplies...not that you can't use them on your pages...heck, I do!! LOL...no, these things are fun and random! Vintage collectables, found objects, buttons, fabrics, bits and pieces really. Sooo, take a look, and please feel free to leave a comment or email me for any enquires:D New things will be added every few days (at least) and updated daily on whats in stock, b/c kits and pieces are limited!
Annnd, now here's some random eye candy!
I'm sooo loving woodgrain and formica grain contact paper!!
Lil' box of vintage buttons. (Lined w/ cupcake case)

tfv always:):)


Tracy L said...

I love your little shop!! Placed an order today. You must be one busy lady, Niella!

Kelly said...

I think I'll be placing a wee order some time - I LOVE your owlie buttons!
good luck with your lil venture :)

rangi said...

Wow congradulations Nie, hip hip horah!!
You truely are great and one creative chicky:)

Monique said...

Hey Niella, go you being selected for the Creative Type blog, awesome news and well deserved!! Love all the fun stuff you come up with!

The Creative Type said...

Happy to have you with us:) Your little shop looks very very interesting!!!

Danice said...

Youre F A B nie, extremely proud of you!

Hannah said...

I just found out about your new venture Nie, and it's awesome!! I'll definitely be placing an order soon ... I love all your cute little kits :-)

Oh, and congrats on the Creative Type gig!