Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sooo, as ya know....

...I love to make things heehee...and I know you all do to add even more colour to my day, I made some paperbag things! To house my mini books and handmade cards and craft happenings. I adore anything Kraft coloured, especially paperbags....which, reminds me, boy, have you seen what the creative dolls at Hambly Studios have come up with?!! Drivin' me nuts with all that Kraft lovin'!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of the stickers:):) So happy.

Annnd, this is a fun case!! its a paint palette and when opened up it has all these little sections for mixing and squinting your paints into! Love the outside of it:):) All that fun-ness and colour, not to mention the cute comic style illustrations!! Ka-pow:)

Its 10.5"x 5" when closed, so its a good size palette for my paints!

Hope you all had a colourful day too!
tfv always:)
P.S My sis & I would like to say a huge thank you all for your wonderful emails of encouragement w/ Randomkitsandpieces! And for the orders! Its been a full last few days for us:):)


Yvette Adams said...

Oh thanks for that link! I love kraft too and those HS things are sooo gorgeous!!

I love your bags!!

Pam said...

Another kraft lover here- and love your paper bag!

allison said...

i love those adorable paper bags!!!
i am obsessed with kraft as well, and i'm definitely going to have to add those to my collection!

Monique said...

That paint palatte is just too cute!! great find Niella!

Rach H said...

you sure are a busy girl!!
congrats on your new DT gig....looks very cool!!
and also congrats on your kits.....they are just super FUN!!