Monday, September 15, 2008

And the rest....

And here's Sandra's pages! Funky arrows girl:) I love the Thickers!!

And Kirstin:) Love the teal K:) As you know! Heehee:) have sooo much papers! Love that! And the sweet lil' labels are cool!!

Nik's rockin' it with the blue hues! Fantastico! Check out the WONDERFUL creative energy on the tables:) My kinda world LOL:)

Ruth's pages are so bright and happy!! Adore how you added stitching and love how you have all your ribbons stored in those containers Ruth:)

Tracey's is funky huh? check out how she put in her photo! Go Tracey!

Kelly with the bling! Love the chipboard alphas:)
Unlimited budget is a wish of mine too Kell:)

Darling Rangi and her awesome pages! thanks so much Rangi for the wonderful compliment! You are such an inspiration too:):) I need some of that p/p!!

And the final pages to show you are from Rebecca! One of my fave hobbies is anything to do with pen & paper too Rebecca:) Lovely!

Soooo, that's my 2008 CJ! Thanks to all the wonderful girls from all over NZ who joined in..and sooo looking forward to seeing all your books too!

tfv always:)

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Zeetra said...

I lov your CJ Nie, Its amazing.... Cant wait to get mine back, im stalking the postie.. shes getting scared of me...