Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily Cards

I so love making daily cards! I know alot of you do too.
These are ATC size and really are just made of scraps, photos and little accents. I keep them in some card sleeves that I can just flip through for inspo and when I just wanna see what I's kinda like a visual diary/journal....although I haven't made many since blogging! I think I will take a few minutes to throw one together tonight. I plan on handing these on to my kids to have when they are older so they can have a looksie at some of the things mummy did when they were youngsters:) LOL!!
Annnnd, also there will be a new prompt tomorrow over at The Creative I want you all to hop on over there and join in!! Jump out of your square (or oval, circle, scallop etc) and have a go! A fun giveaway from fellow DT member Jen will be up for grabs too....yippee:)


cynthia said...

How cool are these:) And I am so loving your blog:)

Louise said...

These cards are FABO girl!

Lainie said...

i absolutely love this idea and the fact that your kids get these - just love it.

A belated mega congrats on being a Typist and a bigger congrats on your little store. AWESOME!

Zeetra said...

Wicked idea Nie....

Its like doing a LO but without the headache and cost... Do you mind if I steal your idea?

its ok if you say no..