Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NZ Dares

The latest dare over at NZ Dares is a real riot...and sooo weird! But in a good way:) We all have funny and heartwarming photos, but there must also be ones that feature "weird" things/objects/people in your stash as well! This one here had my son and daughter w/ their cousins jumping on a bouncy castle at the Easter Show a couple years ago and along come this girl with untied long hair, so when she jumped it would cover her face. So I added the title "Cousin It" to the layout. Heehee..cracks me up!
tfv always:)
Annnnnd, tomorrow I will have some HAPPY MAIL to share!!


Lara said...

left you some love on this layout at flickr :-) can't remember how to add you as a friend on flickr... any suggestions?

Rach H said...

hehehe LOVE it!!!
I use to love that show!!

Simona said...

Wow, how cute is it??? Ahahhhh, I used the same magnetic letters for my last LO... maybe they will be the next big thing, LOL!
Ciao ciao,

TheresaK said...

I love that layout!!!!!

Axel....{Carol} said...

what a cool book, iv never dome anything like that, what a cool idea