Saturday, September 27, 2008

cough cough!

I've been sick since Thursday night...sorry I haven't even had any energy to get up!! After two solid days in bed (thanks honey!) I've recovered enough to update the shop and eat some tea! A big thanks to Roo who sent me some fabulous lil' stamps (that click together for storage) for my birthday and also to Carol who sent me some things too!! An apple punch that she knew I loved loved loved!! and some extra lil' things:) So mega sweet of both of you girls...I feel very very special:) Totally surprised!! Heehee:):)ssssh, don't tell them, but I have some lil' things for them too! giggle piggle:)
Annnnnd, the winner of the Happy Mail goes toooooooo:
congrats Lara!!
tfv always!


Roo said...

Yay so glad they got there. Oh no on being sick - some nasty bugs out there right now - take care of yourself chickie.

tilly said...

Sorry to hear you have been sickie Nie there are some yukkie bugs around.............. And happy birthday sweetie

Lainie said...

Aww, you poor thing Niella. Two day's in bed!! Get better quick. Hugs.

Hannah said...

Oh Nie, sorry to hear that you've been so sick! Glad you're better now. Take care!

Lara said...

yay, nice blog post to come home to!

sorry to hear you have been sick.