Friday, September 12, 2008

Circle Journal 2008

So, home it has returned!! Over at SBO my friend Rangi started another CJ thread asking who was interested in doing another CJ (Circle Journal)...yippee...yes please!! So, 12 girls signed up including me and then the journey began:) It was begun in January of this year (where has the time gone?) and now it is home..and girls, it is trully amazing:) Words cannot express how happy I am with it. Thanks girls...thanks Rangi, for sending it home to me early:):) I can't believe its mine to keep!! Wahooo:):)
To get a size of it in your heads, its return packaging says it weighs 1.28 kgs, is 8"x9" in size, and thickness is 2.3 inches! Now, thats a book huh!
I've got a lot to show, which I'll do bit by bit (as I think its nice to ask permission from my friends first) sooo I'll start with the cover, tags and my page. The theme for my CJ was "Interview with a Scrap Queen"...yes, you know like Brad's movie ".....with a Vampire" LOL:) And I had all these questions that each had to answer (all Q's were the same) and I asked for photos of scraprooms, desks, crops etc to be included! So, here we go:

Starring....Ruth, Tracey, Kirstin, Zeetra, Bev, Shell, Rangi, Rebecca, Kelly, Sandra, Nik and me:)

"Creative Chaos"

My has a Hambly Overlay....Dang! that I should of moved for this shot LOL!!

To be continued......:):)
tfv always!


Danice said...

Wikked! great fun to get your journal back!

Lara said...

yay for getting your journal back!

Mummy LOL said...

Hi Hun all good to show my pages, one question I don't see my tag in there, did I not do one? I am so sure I did lol
So glad you have got your journal home and can't wait for mine to arrive


Tracy L said...

Gorgeous CJ, Niella. I love your little shop too; got my goodies, thanks; only haven't replied earlier 'cos haven't been well. Love it all! Will be back.

Lainie said...

Cool dude, thanks so much for sharing your're a tease!

Love your new shop, I hope it all goes awesome!

Simona said...

wow, so cool!!! can't wait to see more ;-)!

shaina said...

oh my gosh. that book looks awesome. what a terrific idea! :D can't wait to see more pages.

scrapbookdreams said...

Yes you're definitely a tease!! Looking forward to seeing everyone's pages :)